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SUPERGIRL Recap: We Can Be Heroes

SUPERGIRL Recap: We Can Be Heroes

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The CW’s Supergirl. Proceed with caution if you’re not caught up yet. 

When The CW decided to bring Livewire back this week, they really brought her back. Thanks to one malevolent scientist, the latest episode of Supergirl was brimming with clones of Kara’s electric nemesis. Between figuring out how to vanquish and then confronting her foe, Kara finally discovered what James and Winn have been up to, and learned how Mon-El truly feels about her. There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s dive right in.

Supergirl We Can Be Heroes Livewire

If there’s anything we’ve learned from superhero shows/films, it’s that villains will probably find their way out of a prison one way or another. That rang especially true in last night’s episode when a guard and a prisoner joined forces to let Livewire out of her cage. When Maggie and Alex hit the scene to investigate (and make playful bets about how long it will take Kara to shows up), they deduced that Livewire probably didn’t pll the escape job alone.

Kara’s mood was immediately affected by the whole having-to-deal-with-her-nemesis thing. When James was finally ready to come clean about his new vigilante lifestyle, Kara threw him for a loop by admitting that Mon-El was the only thing helping her deal with her Livewire dilemma. Before they could discuss it even further, an emergency alert informed them that Livewire was attacking the NCPD.

Of course, when Mon-El and Supergirl arrived at the scene, they discovered that it wasn’t Livewire at all, but the inmate and guard who broke her out of jail, both armed with Livewire’s powers. Supergirl decided the best way to tackle the risky situation was to have Mon protect the police officers while she took on the duo. But when the fight got out of hand for Kara, Mon left his post to protect her. Unfortunately, this led to Guardian and another officer getting zapped.

Kara took advantage of the situation to unmask the vigilante. Much to her surprise (and annoyance), it was James she found behind Guardian’s mask. Kara chastised James for putting his life at risk—and I have to agree.  As much as I like James’ desire to fight crime, it’s an odd fit this season. I’d much rather have Kara focus on breaking Mon-El of his selfish habits.

Supergirl We Can Be Heroes James

Speaking of Mon, he also got an earful from his mentor for disobeying her. When she asked him if the only reason he finally admitted to wanting to become a hero was to get closer to her, Mon-El danced around the question and pissed her off even more. Frustrated, Kara left to track down Livewire.

Meanwhile, M’Gann had collapsed into a coma because of a psychic attack. With J’onn being the only one able to help her, Alex asked him to push past his hatred for White Martians and share minds with her. After an intense inner-struggle, he finally agreed and opened himself to her. When he entered her memories, he found a very terrified M’Gann who was convinced her people would find her and kill her. She explained how she had killed guards after they had ordered her to kill a young Green Martian. J’onn was able to comfort M’Gann and bring her out of the coma.

When we caught up with Livewire, she was strapped to a chair in a mad scientist’s lab. He was using her power to fuel an army of superpowered soldiers he plans on selling to other countries. Before we could learn anymore, Guardian and Mon-El interrupted the fun, thanks to an advanced tip from Winn. As soon as the guys arrived, however, they were subdued by the doctor.

When Kara finally showed up, she rescued the boys, then turned her attention to Livewire. When she saw how much her nemesis wanted to kill the scientist, she made a deal to give her a head start…at least until the scientist was in prison. Before leaving, Livewire told Kara they should team up some time… if only to braid each others’ hair.

Supergirl We Can Be Heroes Chat

After saving the day, Kara and co. went back to the DEO. After Alex and Maggie questioned her decision to let Livewire go, Kara confronted James and Winn again about their secret vigilante lives. When she told them they could go back to the way things were before, they told her they’d rather go it alone and work with her, rather than under her supervision. But Kara didn’t support that decision.

At the end of the episode, Mon-El finally admitted to having a thing for Kara, and that he remembered kissing her. In fact, it was that kiss that convinced him that he was okay with dying. When Kara didn’t react, Mon-El took that as a sign that she didn’t feel the same way and left.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: The CW

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