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SUPERGIRL Recap: The Martian Chronicles

SUPERGIRL Recap: The Martian Chronicles

Editor’s Note: This post contains spoilers for Supergirl. Read at your own risk if you aren’t caught up yet. 

In case you couldn’t already tell by the title, this week’s episode of Supergirl was all about the martians. Last week, M’Gann warned J’onn and the rest of the super squad that the White Martians had come to Earth to hunt her down. As expected, everything came to a boil, but not before some necessary dramatic buildup. There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s dive right in.

Supergirl Martian Chronicles 4

Poor Mon-El. He just can’t catch a break. After getting rejected at the end of last week’s episode, he was in for even more hurt at the beginning of “The Martian Chronicles.” This time, however, Kara explained to Mon why she thinks they aren’t a great match. Apparently she’s too busy juggling her secret life as a superhero and her career. There’s also the fact that she wouldn’t want to date “someone like him” (ouch). Unsurprisingly, Mon walked out of the bar after that, leaving Kara alone to receive the bad news that Alex won’t be able to come to Kara’s Earth Birthday party because Maggie wants to take her to a concert.

Meanwhile, on the Martian side of things, J’onn has been spying on M’gann (via shapeshifting into an old lady, little boy, and a homeless man) because he wants to protect her from the White Martians. Of course, it didn’t take long for one to show up. When M’gann was confronting J’onn about his spying on her, they were attacked by a White Martian. And as we already know, where there’s trouble, there’s Supergirl to save the day… which she does.

Once at the DEO, Kara lectured Winn about Guardian again, and M’gann refused protection from the DEO. Instead, she just wants to go back to the bar where, unbeknownst to her, her White Martian ex-husband (what?!) Armek is waiting to take care of his ex-wife so he can head back to Mars. He gives her two hours to decide: Either come back to Mars with him, or stay and have all of her friends murdered.

Supergirl Martian Chronicles img 3

With stakes now higher, J’onn offered M’gann his protection again, and this time she agreed to take it and went back to the DEO with him. But wait! That wasn’t the real M’gann! When the real M’gann showed up at the DEO alone, they realized that the one with J’onn was actually Armek in disguise. While J’onn was fighting Armek, the power went out, and the White Martian disappeared.

Realizing that the White Martian could be disguised as any one of them, J’onn decided to lock down the DEO. When the group ruled out asking personal questions to figure out if Armek was masquerading as one of them, they decide to reveal him with fire via having everyone in the group put their hand on a bunsen burner. When Winn finally put his hand on the burner, he transformed into the White Martian and used the fire to blow everyone back, and attack J’onn.

Supergirl used her powers to scare Armek off, leaving the rest of the agents enough time to recover from the attack. When they realized that the White Martian had rigged the building to explode, and kill everyone in a 10-block radius, J’onn told them that they need to find the real Winn to override the system.

Supergirl Martian Chronicles img 2

Meanwhile, Alex and Kara searched the building and had a chat about Kara’s Earth birthday. Kara admitted to being mad, but explained that it was only because she doesn’t want to be abandoned by her sister. With that relationship issue somewhat resolved, J’onn and M’gann had a moment of their own when he admitted that he was in love with her. While they were together, however, J’onn realized that Alex had been captured by Armek as well.

As soon as J’onn warned Supergirl that her sister was actually a White Martian in disguise, the White Martian morphed and attacked her. When J’onn arrived in the reactor room where Kara was fighting her White Martian, Armek attacked him. Luckily, M’gann showed up and joined the fight. Supergirl took care of her White Martian while M’gann impaled her ex with a pipe. Winn was able to shut down the reactor with 12 seconds to spare.

After everything went down at the DEO, M’gann told J’onn that she needs to go back to Mars to inspire other White Martians to be good. J’onn obviously wasn’t thrilled about her leaving, but let her go. Before she left, however,  M’gann told J’onn that she loved him too.

What did you think about this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments!

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