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Supercut of JURASSIC PARK Dinosaur Sounds is Fairly Alarming

With Jurassic World in theaters on Friday, everyone has been looking back to the previous three films in the series. Television channels are running them ad nauseum and sites all over the web have been running stories that would related to the series in some way. We have been no different, as you can see over on the right side of the page.

What is different, is seeing someone look back at the original Jurassic Park film and boil it down to showcase the iconic work of sound designer Gary Rydstrom. That is exactly what Vimeo member Jacob T. Swinney did with his video Hearing Jurassic Park.

Whether meant for a class on the film’s sound design or just for fun, it reminds us just how much the sound of the dinosaurs was important for creating a mesmerizing film.

Even all these years later, and those creatures are still as captivating as they were when they first came on screen. Ryndstrom has spoken several times about his work for Jurassic Park and has revealed all the various sounds he used to bring the beasts to life. It is an interesting practice to try and pinpoint each of the sounds in a roar when watching the film, or at least the video above. See if you can differentiate the baby elephant call, tiger roar, or crocodile growl all intertwined in it. Don’t believe it’s a baby elephant? That’s because the recording was then slowed down to sound bigger and deeper. If you really want to impress your friends, let them know that the cawing sound the raptor makes when it enters the kitchen is actually the sound of a tortoise mating. You’re welcome.

Can you pick out any other real-life animal sounds from the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park series? Tell us about them in the comments below!

IMAGE: Universal Pictures

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