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SUPER MARIO MAKER’s ‘Trials of Death’ Is So Hard That Even Its Creator Can’t Beat It (Yet)

The Wii U era may have come and gone, but Super Mario Maker remains its most compelling gift to gamers. Giving fans the ability to create their own Mario levels turned out to be a touch of genius, and it’s delivered some of the best fan content that we’ve ever seen. However, some of the levels are insanely difficult, even for the creators. One gamer has tried to beat his own level, “Trials of Death,” for over 1,500 hours and he’s documented his attempts on Twitch for over a year.

Via Kotaku, Waypoint interviewed Braden “ChainChompBraden” Moor about his quest to best his own creation. “When I began, I knew this would be a long journey,” explained Moor. “But even I wasn’t expecting it to turn into this long of a grind…A lot of people wonder how I have the patience for this, and one of the most helpful things is that I never go into a session thinking ‘Today is going to be the day’ or ‘I’ll have this done by this point in time.'” Moor recently released a final trailer for “Trails of Death,” which offers a taste for the insanity to come…if he ever defeats the hell of his own making.

As you can see in the footage, a successful “Trials of Death” run requires near perfect jumps and moves for nearly eight minutes. It appears to be almost impossible, and that’s one of the reasons that Nintendo won’t let gamers upload and share a level until they can first beat it themselves. So far, Moor has had some close calls and nearly reached the end. However, he seemingly hasn’t been tempted to change the level and make it easier so he can finally release it.

“I’m always seeing people say that it’s never going to happen, and that the whole thing is just hopeless,” noted Moor. “That’s just an extra exciting reason for me to beat this level. I’ll get to prove a bunch of people wrong. If this isn’t an example of my stubbornness, then I don’t know what is. Perhaps most motivating of all however, is that I simply enjoy this journey.”

You can follow Moor’s ongoing attempts on his Twitch channel.

What do you think about the ‘Trials of Death” level? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image: Nintendo/ChainChompBraden


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