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Sunday Toy Chest: LEGO Jokerland

Last week we took a look at three versions of The Walking Dead‘s Michonne, and if you haven’t checked them out, now would be a good time with the season premiere of AMC’s hit series returning at last. This week, however, we’re veering into scary clown territory. Specifically, the Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker! LEGO has released a handful of sets under their Super Heroes line featuring Batman‘s arch-nemesis, but this set is by far the largest featuring the laughing lunatic. Clocking in at 1,037 pieces, the entire set will take a couple of hours to complete for the casual LEGO builder.


There are 8 separate bags you’ll be working your way through. Bags 2 and 3 comprise the impressively intricate Batmobile, and bags 1, 7, and 8 all fit together to create the funhouse mirror entryway to the titular Jokerland. The remaining bags—4, 5, and 6—are each villain-specific. Even though the set is called Jokerland, the manic menace has enlisted help from his on again/off again gal pal Harley Quinn, The Penguin, and green queen Poison Ivy for this particular block brigade.

The Batmobile has multiple projectiles to aid Batman in his rescue mission. Aside from his sidekick Robin, The Joker & Company have also kidnapped Starfire and Beast Boy. As far as LEGO minifigs go, this set contains an impressive number of character pieces. As is often the case in larger sets, the roster of minifigs can sometimes include some filler figures. (I’m looking at you, multiple Stormtroopers in large Star Wars sets.) But fortunately, LEGO Jokerland contains nary a nameless henchman.

Each villain is paired with a hero, for a total of eight minifigs. Batman, of course, is paired with The Joker. In the Harley Quinn stage—titled “Harley’s Wheel’s of Fire”—Robin is the captive in Harley’s high-wire motorcycle act. Robin hangs upside down from the underside of Harley’s motorcycle, and the flaming trashcans at the end of the tightrope add extra danger to Harley’s dangerous contraption.

The Penguin’s “Deadly Duckies” attraction is an explosive mini-ferris wheel. Beast Boy is trapped in one of the ducks rotating over an icy, shark-infested pool. The other two ducks contain bundles of TNT. One of the most adorable, and deadly, additions to the set is the tiny penguin holding TNT. I imagine the poor critter’s fate is sealed with a boom, but he’s just so gosh darn tiny and cute.

The final addition to Jokerland is Poison Ivy’s modified death drop-inspired attraction, the Carnivore Free Fall. With three separate seats for unfortunate riders, the tower is a sturdy contraption with a clever mechanism to initiate the free fall. The carnivorous plant at the top of the ride flips backward to allow the gondola to plummet to the ground.

In addition to the fully-formed amusement park, the kit also includes an original comic book based on the scenario, providing readers with inspiration. The set retails for $119.99, which is perfect for Christmas layaway lists everywhere if you’re planning on gifting it this coming holiday season. Jokerland makes a nice companion piece to the Batman: The Joker Steamroller set. The Steamroller set is the first, and so far only, set to include a minifig for Batgirl.

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