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Suit Up with the Newest Trend: Meat Backpacks

Meat isn’t just for grilling anymore—it’s also a hot fashion accessory. Thankfully, we’re not talking real-life raw meat: these savory steaks are wearable backpacks that are the newest stylish trend.

Almost too realistic (said everyone but Dan Casey), these knapsacks might confuse a passing wild kingdom predator due to their luscious marbled meat. Made of super soft velour, Yomyomf details out the specifics of the carry-all steak that supposedly feels just like luxury meat. Which I guess is comforting if you’re familiar with how luxury meat feels on your back.

meat backpack-05102016

For 2160 yen—or just under $20 US—you can hang one of these slabs of beef off your back and head off for an enjoyable meat-filled adventure. This tote is big enough to carry your daily necessities, or take it to the store and use to haul away all the tri-tip, rib roast, and beef jerky you desire. If you beef it, it’s possible.

Burger backpack-05112016

If raw meat is too gauche for your designer outfit, perhaps you’d rather go for something a little more well done, like a cheeseburger backpack? This pack—inspired by Steven Universe—is a huge twenty inches in diameter and nine inches deep when full. Available on the official Cartoon Network website, the cheeseburger carry-alls will be available starting July 5th and are sure to go quickly.

If wearing all this meat on your back is too embarassing, not to worry you can always coordinate it with a giant Cheeseburger Face Mask to hide your shame. I don’t know who’s buying all these meat-themed items but a burger face mask wearing a steak on it’s back sounds like the beginnings of a vegan horror movie to me.

Meat backpacks are available online at and Cheeseburger backpacks will be available on

Would you buy a meat-themed backpack? Why? No, really — why? Let us know in the comments!

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