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Marvel at These Stunningly Realistic Embroidered Pet Portraits

If you’re looking to immortalize your pet’s spirit, but don’t want him or her fossilized in dolomite like Fry’s dog was, then British designer and embroiderer Emillie Ferris is the artist for you.

Ferris, who lives in Suffolk and is only 21, has been embroidering pet portraits and wildlife creatures for two years, and unexpectedly discovered the craft when her boyfriend surprised her with “an awesome kit of embroidery assortments to get started with” for her 19th birthday. Way to nail that birthday gift, boyfriend! Err, or needle it.

If you want to sign up for her newsletter or hear about opportunities for custom pet portraits, you can do so here or via her Facebook page. Until that happens however, gaze at the glorious splendor that is Mungo!

And of course, in her timeless “paint me like one of your French girls” position, there’s Lottie!     

  In love with this side by side comparison! Thankyou @verykerryberry #embroidery #petportrait #hoopart #custompetportrait   A photo posted by Emillie Ferris (@emillieferris) on

And Freud! Don’t look at him for too long though, or he’ll delve into your subconscious. Or a bag of Purina.

Along with the pet portraits, Ferris also has tons of other paintings, photography, greeting cards, and sketches (which are inspired by nature and wildlife as well as pets) available for a gander via her instagram account or in the image gallery below.

After you’ve taken a look, let us know what you think about Ferris’ pet portraits and artwork. Are you ready to immortalize your little squeeze ball in the lovingly artistic embrace of an embroidery hoop, or is it monumental stone structure or bust? Needlepoint your thoughts in the comments section below!

HT: Laughing Squid

Images: Emillie Ferris


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