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The STRANGER THINGS Soundtrack Will Be Released on Vinyl Soon

Netflix’s 1980s-set horror smash hit Stranger Things nails the aesthetic of the period so well through various means, one of those being its use of music. The show’s synth-heavy soundtrack was provided by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (of Austin, Texas band S U R V I V E), and even just the show’s opening theme music (above) evokes feelings of suspense, nostalgia, and spookiness.

The soundtrack has been praised left and right since the show came out, which led to it being released in two separate volumes last month. It has yet to see a physical release, but that’s going to change soon: It was just announced that a vinyl edition of the soundtrack will see the light of day in October.

The first volume will be released as a double-LP on October 28 via Lakeshore Records in the US and via Invada in the UK, and it will be made available in other areas on November 11. The LPs will come in a gatefold sleeve that includes a printed insert featuring the album credits and additional artwork. If you’d rather have it on CD, that’s going to be released on October 14.

The second volume of the soundtrack will be released on CD and vinyl eventually, as well as a 4-LP limited edition box set, so keep an eye out for details about that. In the meantime, check out the vinyl art below, which is basically just a square version of the super awesome, 80s-inspired posted of the show.


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Featured image: Netflix

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