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New STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Details, and More TV News

New STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Details, and More TV News

Premiere dates, pick-ups, casting, oh my. This edition of TV-Cap is stuffed with it all. Keep reading for a sneak peek of The Walking Dead‘s return, to learn about some plot details for season two of Stranger Things, to get some more Runaways casting updates, and more.

Juicy Details. Stranger Things season two will be here at Halloween, and Entertainment Weekly has some intel on the plot. The next installments will begin almost a year after season one ended. As you can imagine, Will is having some issues–remember the big slug that came out of his face in the season one finale? Right. He’s seeing images from the Upside Down. Joyce is dating. Hopper’s trying to lock information down to protect Joyce, Eleven, and co. Jessica Chobot breaks it down on Nerdist News, embedded above. Visit EW to see a new pic from season two. [Nerdist]

Casting Nets. Okay, let’s discuss some cast additions.

  • Over at The Crown, Michael C. Hall is coming on board to play President John F. Kennedy; Jodi Balfour will join him as Jackie Kennedy. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Fox’s as yet untitled X-Men pilot has reportedly found a cast member. EW reports Blair Redford has been chosen to play the first mutant in the series; he’s playing Sam, a “strong-headed Native American leader of the underground network.” [EW]
  • Marvel has announced who will portray the members of the Pride cabal in Runaways. These are the villains and parents of the Runaways. Are you ready for this list? Ryan Sands will play Geoffrey Wilder, Angela Parker will play Catherine Wilder, Brittany Ishibashi is Tina Minoru, James Yaegashi is Robert Minoru, Kevin Weisman is Dale Yorkes, Brigid Brannagh is Stacey Yorkes, Annie Wersching is Leslie Dean, Kip Pardue is Frank Dean, James Marsters is Victor Stein, and Ever Carradine is Janet Stein. Wow. Get details on the characters and their abilities here at Nerdist.

Traffic Jam. You thought traffic in Los Angeles was bad, but it has nothing on post-apocalyptic roadblocks. A clip from Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead shows Rick and pals dealing with a strategic roadblock and seeing something mysterious. The Walking Dead‘s seventh season returns on February 12 at 9:00p.m. ET/PT.

More Exploring. Good news, Trollhunters fans! Netflix has picked up a 13-episode second season of the Guillermo del Toro animated series. It’s set to debut later in 2017. The synopsis: “Jim ventures deeper into the Troll world to battle the vicious leader of the Darklands, while his team works to maintain order in the human world.” [Image: Netflix/DreamWorks]

More Creepypasta. Syfy’s moving forward with anthology series Channel Zero. They’ve ordered two more installments of the horror series from executive producer Nick Antosca. The second installment, No-End House, will premiere in October 2017.

She’s Persisting. Yas queen, err, princess. That’s what I’m saying to Starz’s The White Princess. The limited series, a follow-up to The White Queen, has a snazzy trailer and a premiere date: April 16. The story is adapted from the book by Philippa Gregory and follows the rise of Princess Elizabeth of York as she plays the game once she’s married into the House of Tudor.

Drama! In its first season, Ryan Murphy’s Feud will focus on the relationship between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford; spoilers: they didn’t always get along. But we’re here to talk about the incredible opening titles and how they tip their hat to old Hollywood. See the titles and read Kyle A.’s analysis here at Nerdist.

To the Moon. Would the logo from Mystery Science Theater 3000 actually fit on the surface of the moon? Kyle H. tackles the topic in the latest Because Science. [Nerdist]

Drone Time. What does it look like when drones come to the set of USA’s Colony? They race. See the action right this way.

Be Kind, Rewind. It’s that time of TV-Cap–the time where we look back at what aired the night before. Read our recaps for Powerless, Supernatural (there were so many cute Dean moments), and Riverdale. Then, check out the newest Game of Thrones Re-Throned.

Whew. That was a lot to digest. Do you have thoughts about the latest batch o’ TV news? Sound off in the comments.

Featured Image: Netflix

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