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STRANGER THINGS Officially Renewed and More TV News

The Duffer brothers, the creators of Stranger Things, have been spreading info about season two more or less since season one dropped. Thankfully, Netflix has finally made the news official: Stranger Things season two is coming! There’s an announcement teaser, too. See that in today’s TV-Cap along with photos from the upcoming Arrow, Flash, and Supernatural premieres, a trailer for Gotham, and more.

Return to the Upside Down. It’s happening! Stranger Things will return to Netflix with brand new episodes in 2017. The story will reach beyond Hawkins, Indiana, and it will pick back up in 1984. Exciting. The Duffer brothers shared some specifics with Entertainment Weekly, including details on which characters will be returning. Read more here.

To Another Small Town. We know one character who won’t be appearing in season two of Stranger Things: Barb. But on the upshot, that means actress Shannon Purser is free to move into another cozy town. She’s set to play Ethel Muggs in Riverdale. [Nerdist]

Is It the Worst? Season three of You’re the Worst premieres on FXX on August 31, but how’s it holding up? Alicia has a spoiler-free review to enjoy here at Nerdist.

Have Some Monsters. In season two, Fox’s Gotham was all about the rise of and the wrath of villains. Now? Season three is Mad City. The city has a monster problem, and it’s teased in the above promo. The show returns September 19. [ComicsAlliance]

Still Happening? The possibility of a Deadwood movie that would continue the story from the HBO television series is still on the table. It’s looking more likely, but I’m skeptical. However, Kim Dickens recently heard parts of the script directly from Deadwood creator David Milch and she had nice things to say about the scenes: “He read all the parts. It was amazing, it was funny, it was sad. It was all that it was.” Oh, please let this happen. [Nerdist]

Queen vs. Queen. Yesterday, I talked about the new location coming to Game of Thrones in season seven: the Dragonpit! Could it mean a battle between Cersei and Dany? Could we be so lucky? Jessica Chobot discusses on the latest Nerdist News. [Nerdist]

Wormhole Imminent. I love the dedication of fans to the franchises they adore. Case in point: some employees of a Belgium museum have used 3D printing to erect a life-size replica of a Stargate. Bless. Learn more and see a video of construction here at Nerdist.

Going Cyborg. Season two of Supergirl will undoubtedly feature a plethora of villains from the DC Comics universe, and we know one of them will be Metallo. Frederick Schmidt will play the character. In the comics, he’s a cyborg with a kryptonite power source. [ComicsAlliance]

Back in Action. Mary Winchester is back from the dead and jumping back into the hunter lifestyle in season 12 of Supernatural. Photos from the premiere episode (it’s back on October 13) show her looking fierce and show Sammy getting tortured—which happens way too often. See more stills at TVLine. [Images: The CW]

Save Your Nuts. Ready for an exciting report that is not at all confirmed? Marvel and ABC could be shopping a New Warriors series around. The half-hour comedy would star none other than Squirrel Girl; she’d be in charge of the super-powered teenage squad of heroes. We’ve reached out to ABC for confirmation but haven’t heard anything yet. I want to see some more comic book comedy on TV! [Nerdist]

My Heart. I don’t think anything today is going to top seeing a picture of Kid Flash next to The Flash in a live-action series. This image is from the season three premiere of The Flash, and it makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. It’s the best of the stills, but you can view more at CBR. [Image: The CW]

New Villain. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving Arrow out. The CW has also released photos from that series’ season five premiere, including some shots that show off the villain Prometheus. See more pics at CBR. [Images: The CW]

Go Behind the Scenes. Sam Esmail is the creator of Mr. Robot, one of the most intriguing series currently airing. And hey, he stopped by The Writers Panel. Listen here.

How do you interpret the promo for season two of Stranger Things? Let’s start theorizing! Share your predictions in the comments.

Featured Image: Netflix

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