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STRANGER THINGS’ Millie Bobby Brown Kept a Vial of Eleven’s Nose Blood

If you could own one prop from the set of Stranger Things what would it be? Would you grab Steve’s baseball bat full of nails? Barb’s glasses? Mike’s walkie talkie? Chief Hopper’s hat? There are lots of great, meaningful options, but whatever item it is you’d like to get your hands on, we doubt it would be the same thing Millie Bobby Brown grabbed from the show. We can’t imagine many people would even think to grab a vial of Eleven’s nose blood.

In a video interview with Variety, the young actress answered a wide-range of questions, from her favorite ’80s movie, to her favorite Instagram account to follow, to her favorite food (no, it’s not Eggos), but it was her answer about how and why she wanted to take some of the blood she uses when Eleven gets a nosebleed that caught our attention. But rather than being macabre, her reason for taking it is actually very sweet.

That memory book is going to make for quite a story 50 years from now.

“Grandma Millie, what’s this little red jar?”
“That’s the blood I used to squeeze up my nose after I used my superpowers to fight the Shadow Monster.”

We joke, but that’s actually a great, unique prop to have. Maybe one day she’ll need Eleven’s powers in real life and it will come in handy.

What prop would you most like to own from the Upside Down? Tell us yours in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Netflix

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