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Steven Spielberg Hopes To Direct New INDIANA JONES With Chris Pratt

A few weeks back, a rumor started making the rounds that Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt was being favored by Disney to star in a reboot of Indiana Jones, set for sometime in the not too distant future. No date was announced, and there’s currently no script it development, just a vague notion that Disney wants another Indiana Jones movie sometime before the decade ends. Most people assumed that with producer George Lucas now out of the picture, that his partner-in-crime when it came to Indy, Steven Spielberg, would also bow out of helming any future adventures.

Well, not so fast there; according to a new rumor, it seems Steven Spielberg is indeed still interested in directing the next Indiana Jones adventure himself, whether his pals Harrison Ford and George Lucas are a part of it or not. According to the rumor, although it is very early days yet, it’s said that Spielberg “hopes” to direct it himself. Of course, “hopes” to direct doesn’t mean he actually will, as Steven Spielberg’s name gets attached to lots of movies as director, and often they don’t come to fruition (Robopocalypse) or he just ends up producing them (Jurassic World.) It is possible that Disney’s choice of Chris Pratt got him excited to revisit Dr. Jones again, as Pratt was Spielberg’s hand picked choice for Jurassic World apparently.

So do you think the original Indiana Jones director should come back to the character, or did Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sour you on the idea of any more Indy stories coming from Spielberg? And if not Spielberg, which director should bring Indy to a new generation? Let us know in the comments below!

HT Deadline

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  1. Monkeydude says:

    The faults of CS do not rest solely on the shoulders of Spielberg. He’s batting .750 with the series this far & he knows the character. He’s got my vote.

  2. Jennifer Nance says:

    Stop the shenanigans and produce Robopocalypse already.YOU PROMISED.

  3. AJ says:


  4. Darkchief117 says:

    I would of preferred to see what they would of done with Indiana Jones 5, at the end of that movie they could of had Harrison Ford as Indy say I’m done with the fetch quest and he would hang up his hat and whip. I still want to see Indiana Jones 5 even though it probably won’t happen. But as popular as Indiana Jones is I think they shouldn’t reboot it since the films that are out now are solid gold well Crystal Skull is probably a bronze but still there’s some movies that should be left alone.

  5. Sneetch says:

    I think Mr Speil can do it if he wants.   The problem with Crystal Skull was the awful story that came from Lucas.  Raiders worked so well on so many levels because the top three positions, Director, Story, and writer were balanced out.  You had Spielberg as a great action director.  Lucas with a good story.  And Lawrence Kasdan as script writer.  The three of them balanced themselves out.  Once Kasdan left, the characters went a bit 2 dimensional and the series was a bit lopsided ever since.

  6. D$ says:

    All these comments that it should be continued… As Mutt.  While I have no problem with that concept we have to think of the era that puts us in. Romantic adventure like this died with the end of World War Two. Mutt Jones as an adult would put us in the sixties. I can’t really buy this type of adventure happening any longer in that period. Sure, there was still a lot of adventure in the world at that time, but most of what was great about those films was the place in time when they occurred.

  7. Sylver says:

    Not Chris Pratt. He is not rugged enough.

  8. MeMyselfAndEye says:

    Let Indie die a respectable death in an old age home somewhere.  

  9. Jonathan says:

    I like the idea of having Pratt continue the legend, and not simply take it over, by being the son of Indy. Maybe it’s time for a great script that gives us a new Last Crusade with father and son having an adventure…perhaps good enough to have Connery make a surprise appearance and having three generations. It’s movies, anything can happen…right? Please! 

  10. rawjah says:

    Its pretty early and just a rumor. But i want to take the chance to say, that i didnt like his movies, since he’s a grandpa. 

  11. AfroClam says:

    Lauren, a student at Harvard University (Lark Voorhies) discovers symbols etched inside the bowl of the Liberty Bong. Recognizing some of the symbols as some of the same ones published in a paper by Dr. Henry Jones Jr. (Harison Ford), she enlists his help to discover their meaning.   Before Jones arrives at Harvard, the Liberty Bong is stolen by Benjamin Gates (Nicholas Cage) and Hitler’s daughter Judy.  As Lauren and Jones travel America trying to recover the Liberty Bong, and follow its cryptic message that threatens humanity, they team up with a rogue FBI agent.  Agent Burt Macklin.

  12. jm5150 says:

    one more with Ford, Pratt takes over but NOT as Indy. Make him a new Indy type. Maybe recast as Mutt Williams

  13. Paul says:

    First off, I didn’t think Crystal Skull was as bad as the growing legend that it was tries to make it out to be.  And second, there are some things that simply should NOT be rebooted – and Indiana Jones is one of them.  If they wish to *continue* the franchise, then cast Pratt as a more grown-up “Mutt” who is now finally ready to take up the mantle.  Making it a passing of the torch, not an erasing of the past.

    • Bernardo says:

      I agree 100% with you Paul. No more reboots but new original stories further ahead with the Indiana Jones mithology.

    • berri says:

      I completely agree withyou Paul…I actually feel soooo angry with allthe rebootsand although I appreciate Pratts talents (despite my conflicted feelings on jurassic world) they need to leave the past alone and move on…not sure Spielberg has another one left in him!!

  14. RC says:

    Absolutely not. He’s done. Get Sam Mendes once he’s finished SPECTRE.