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Stephen King Promises No One Is Safe In Season Two of UNDER THE DOME

One of the most successful series of last year, CBS’ adaptation of the Stephen King novel Under The Dome is starting production on its second season, and the network is offering up a treat for viewers.


While the announcement of a second season was originally met with speculation, as the initial plan was for the series to be a limited event, it seems the current intention is to go all out in season two. The fact that King himself will be writing the premiere script of the Brian K. Vaughan adaptation is a good sign the team behind the series just wants to give fans what they want.

As for King’s computer… sometimes you just gotta love that guy’s sense of humor. But let’s be honest for a moment, if you could tweet with a typewriter, you would.

Season two is scheduled to start with King’s episode on CBS June 30th. Pull the lever, Junior….

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  1. Chris says:

    I must agree with Stephen King, the story in the book will always be there. It already exists, translating it to screen doesn’t “ruin” the story. Making changes on the tv show adaptation will not ruin the experience you had reading the book. It is what it is.

    By deviating from the original story, you surprise viewers. You change certain aspects because some thing do not translate well when going from written word to television screen.

    Same thing with Game of Thrones. Same thing with Harry Potter. Amazing tv shows and films that deviate from the books in certain areas, sometimes majorly, to better serve a different medium and audience.

    I know if it was a literal translation, personally I would become bored with it. I really like the tone of Under the Dome, in fact I am very surprised it is on network television.

  2. T_ says:

    Have to agree with Angela. If the studio is going to all the expense to make a multi-season Mega series of a SK book, why not go for a more literal translation instead of re-writing the book.

    If it is not broken, why fix it.

  3. Angella says:

    Why would a fan be excited about further deviation from the book?? I gave up 2/3 of the way thru season 1 because I actually loved the book.