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Stephen Colbert To Replace David Letterman in 2015

Well, that didn’t take long.

Announced today, CBS is set for Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman as the host of The Late Show when Letterman steps down in 2015. Colbert will be leaving more than 9 seasons of his own Colbert Report and, most likely, his sarcastic Colbert character behind at Comedy Central. There had been rumors that Colbert was a front runner for CBS, though it would seem that, having free range seemingly at The Colbert Report with Emmy and Peabody wins, it would take a very attractive offer to lure him away.

Well, that offer is hosting The Late Show, and already I’m anxious to see what Colbert does with a much more traditional format of late night show coming from, arguably, a more avant garde version of a late night talk show. This news also sets forth a bunch of other cogs in motion to change the late night line-up across CBS and Comedy Central. Who will replace Colbert? Will Craig Ferguson stay around as his contract expires at the same time as Letterman’s? If he doesn’t, who will replace Ferguson?

Of course, there is sure to be criticism by those calling for someone who isn’t an “older white guy” to host The Late Show; the world of late night is primarily hosted by older caucasian men. Perhaps it would be just a consolation for those who wanted something different in a late night host, but it’s hard to argue that Colbert hosting The Late Show wouldn’t be a whole bunch of fun.

So much for #CancelColbert.

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  1. Shrike says:

    Craig Ferguson would’ve had to tone down his antics way too much if he’d taken the Letterman spot, so much so that it wouldn’tve been him after that.

    Colbert seems like the perfect choice in hindsight. I hope CraigyFerg renews his contract and stays in his slot.

  2. Craig says:

    perfect time slot for The (Chad) Softwick Report, if you ask me

  3. Elizabeth says:

    In theory, doesn’t Colbert leaving Comedy Central mean there’s now a perfect time slot for “the Chris Gethard Show” ??? He did film the pilot for the network a few months ago, so maybe they were waiting to greenlght the show until they had a suitable time slot. That would be an amazing hour and a half of late night television.

  4. Tim says:

    I don’t think Hardwick would go to a talk show. He’s already said in podcasts before that the late night talk shows don’t have meaningful and in depth conversations like he can have on the podcasts. Then again, if they throw a bunch of money at him who knows. Don’t think he’ll go to a network though

  5. Shayde says:

    I wonder if 7 million bucks is enough to keep Craig happy.

    They should give Colbert’s slot to W Kamal Bell.

  6. Jessica says:

    I never thought that Colbert would give up his Report. CBS must have given him a deal that he couldn’t refuse….

  7. boB says:

    Three words: The Hardwick Reporck!

  8. Jason says:

    Stephen Colbert qualifies as “older?”

  9. Kam says:

    Can’t say I’m a fan of this, but… how about we make the most of it and make @midnight an hour?!

  10. Doh says:

    Chris Hardwick to replace Craig!

  11. Judd Harris says:

    Yeah, what’s up with Craig Ferguson? I hope he doesn’t leave. But if he does, I guess I won’t be watching to much Late Night anymore. Frees up my nights for better pursuits, like watching @Midnight!

  12. mike says:

    So does this mean we will now see @11:30 ?

  13. I feel like a #CancelColbert supporter got their hands on a monkey’s paw. “You shall get your wish. The Colbert Report shall end, with no hopes of coming back. Instead, he shall be moving to network television, taking over for a beloved icon, and he shall become an icon himself!”

  14. Nate Polnow says:


    And yay! Stephen Colbert rules!

  15. Mathew Henderson says:

    Not Sure How I feel about this…..Maybe if he takes his “Stephen Colbert” persona along with him….

  16. Beth Wheeler says:

    Thank you Nerdist for having more info then the rest of the media giants. I got more information from this piece them from the CBS page…