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Stephen Colbert and Tom Hanks Try to Answer Life’s Big Questions

Just because they’re big-time celebrities doesn’t mean they don’t have the same questions when they look at the infinite sky above. This is why Stephen Colbert and special Late Show guest, Tom Hanks took some time to wonder what it all means.

In a segment he calls “Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars,” Stephen Colbert had a long chat under the moonlight with Hanks, where the two pondered some of the deep questions that mankind has tried to answer forever, like, “What does Santa do during the summer?”

On a “nice night,” with fireflies out and frogs “screaming for sex,” Hanks and “S-Bomb” discussed some personal fears and tried to find some universal truths, and that they did and more, like coming up with a guaranteed hit movie.

You can’t deny that a baby would certainly bolster its resume by killing Hitler, or that a spooky skeleton that moves with Stephen everywhere he goes is very scary.

While they searched for insight from the stars, they also gave us a little insight into what it’s like to be a star yourself. We might take the joy of licking a stamp for granted, but Tom Hanks can’t do it “for insurance purposes,” since he’s not allowed to do his own stunts.

Obviously, the big question for all of us was addressed: why are we here?

To the surprise of no one, it turns out we’re all just killing time until John Oliver shows up.

Whose the next “Big Star” you’d like to see Stephen ponder the great questions of the universe with? We want to hear your deepest thoughts in the comments section below.

Image: CBS

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