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Start Your Mini Museum with Wearable, Metal-Cast Animal Skulls

Whether you want to show some House Stark pride (King of the North!), or curate your own tiny museum, the latest collection from Fire and Bone has you covered. Each and every piece began life as a real animal skull, which was 3D-scanned, digitally scaled, and cast in metal.

The set includes an extinct Tasmanian tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus), dire wolf (Canis dirus), articulated jaguar, raven, and one animal you all should recognize: good old Homo sapiens.

“This is a modern twist on a timeless fascination with the animal world,” says the team. “Using a high resolution 3D printer, a miniaturized version of our original skull is created in wax. From that wax, a mold is made and from that mold we are able to produce a perfect miniature replica of our original animal skull in white bronze, yellow bronze, or sterling silver.”

The human skull, for example, belonged to a Chinese man, and lives at natural history store The Bone Room, which acquired it in the early ’90s. “This has to be one of our most requested skulls, and we’re glad we finally had the perfect scan to turn into a high-quality miniature.”


Since the campaign launched on Kickstarter just a few days ago, FAB has already wracked up $31,632 of its $6,000 dollar goal. “In putting together this third collection, we recognized what an amazing community Kickstarter has been for us,” they say. “Even though we have made some great steps since our first two campaigns – we now sell Fire & Bone through a couple world famous science museums, which is mind-blowingly cool – we are still primarily three guys who do this as a passion. Kickstarter lets us find people who share that passion.”

The metal specimens, which can be worn (necklace style), or displayed as collectables cost just $30.  Check out more images of the collection in the gallery below.

IMAGES: Fire and Bone


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