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STAR WARS Woodblock Prints Will Have You Reaching for Your Wallet

I’m not the kind of fan who buys a lot of movie-related art to carefully frame and hang in my home. I’m just not. It’s not me. Or at least it wasn’t me until I saw these exquisite Japanese woodblock prints that LucasFilms has licensed. Look at them. Exquisite is a word that doesn’t even do them justice. They are perfect and gorgeous, and I want them on my walls immediately. I promise to treat them right and everything!


In case you were wondering what the deal is with these gorgeous things, here’s all the information. They are in fact licensed prints from LucasFilm and are being made in conjunction with a crowdfunded project on There’s a pretty significant language barrier here for me as I don’t speak or read Japanese, but from what I can glean through Google Translate (I know…I know) the project was pretty successful.


The woodblocks for the prints were designed by artist Masami Ishikawa before being engraved and printed by masters of both crafts. They even put together a really cool video so you can get an idea of the time and care that goes into each one.

I’m taken with the incredible amount of focus and effort that is put into each detail of the woodblocks before they are printed with equal care and attention. If I were one of the lucky people who had gotten behind the crowdfunding, you can bet I’d have one displayed in a place of honor. And while the characters are definitely incarnations from the original Star Wars trilogy, you can’t help but see the influences that Lucas must have drawn on for Padme’s costuming in Episodes 1-3, right?

Here’s one more for your enjoyment:



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