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Sad R2-D2 Remembers His Past with a Forgetful Obi-Wan

Some people might look at the Star Wars prequels as a missed opportunity, but others know that couldn’t be further from the truth, because when life gives you lemons, you make hilarious YouTube videos. Like this one of a sad R2-D2, despondent over Obi-Wan Kenobi not remembering him, thinking back to all of the adventures they once shared together.

This comes from the YouTube channel of Jeffim Sheroky, and it is set in A New Hope, with old Ben Kenobi telling Luke that he doesn’t seem to remember ever owning a droid, even though he should definitely remember Artoo who is standing right there. That sends R2-D2 on a trip down memory lane, to the years before the Empire, when he and Obi-Wan were running around the galaxy far, far away together. Making his memories far more crushing–and therefore much funnier–is that his recollections are (perfectly) set to Gary Jules’ cover of “Mad World.”


The obvious, major discrepancy of Obi-Wan not remembering R2-D2 has caught the ire of Star Wars fans ever since The Phantom Menace hit theaters, but how many of us have ever taken the time to think about how it must have made Artoo feel to hear his old friend say he couldn’t recall even owning him?

For so long we’ve focused on our own issues with the prequels, like midichlorians, Gungans, and younglings, that we forgot about the real victims of those movies, the people…err, droids…in them.

Obi-Wan might not have remembered the role R2-D2 played in them, about how many times that little droid saved his life, but we haven’t forgotten.

No matter how much we wish we could.

What’s the best explanation you’ve ever heard for why Obi-Wan didn’t remember Artoo? We’ll be sad if you don’t tell us in the comments below.

Images: Lucasfilm/Jeffim Sheroky

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