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Did REBELS Change Everything We Know About STAR WARS?

Warning: There are massive spoilers ahead for the current episodes of Star Wars Rebels!

All the way back in the season two premiere of Star Wars Rebels, it was hinted that the Empire had an agenda on Lothal that had yet to be revealed. But in Monday’s episodes, we may have received the answer to that mystery. The Jedi Temple on Lothal contained a pathway to “A World Between Worlds” where everything happens at once. In other words, time travel has officially been added to the lore of Star Wars, and today’s Nerdist News is going to sort it all out.

Join host and loth-wolf wrangler, Jessica Chobot, as she explores the huge implications time travel could have on the Star Wars universe. Keep in mind Lucasfilm has previously floated concepts big and small in Rebels that have found their way into the films, like the Hammerhead Corvette and the ability to use the Force to “fly” through space. If any future Star Wars movies dive into time travel, this is where it all started.

The series’ remaining Force-powered (and not quite a Jedi) hero, Ezra Bridger, may have already changed the Star Wars timeline by pulling Ahsoka Tano from the moment of her death on Malachor. Unless Ezra was always meant to save Ahsoka. This is why time travel can be so confusing! Can time actually be changed or is everything a predestination paradox waiting to happen?

Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni has indicated this particular gate has closed. So for now, there isn’t a way for Ezra and Ahsoka to return to that “world,” but we still don’t know how the Emperor was briefly able to access it. The battle for control over the very timeline itself may not be over yet, and it could potentially play into next week’s series finale for Star Wars Rebels.

What do you think about the implications of time travel in Star Wars? Feel the Force in the comment section below.

Images: Lucasfilm/Disney XD

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