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STAR WARS REBELS Season 3 Clip Confirms Time Jump

The following will have mild spoilers for Star Wars Rebels Season 2 and 3. If you haven’t caught up on the series yet, maybe consider doing so before reading and watching this clip. We good? Let’s go!

When we last left the heroes of Star Wars Rebels at the end of season 2, much was uncertain, and a whole lot was different than when we began. Kanan had become blinded following his fight with Darth Maul (who’s still alive somewhere), and the fate of Ahsoka Tano is left entirely up in the air following her duel with her former master and friend, Anakin Skywalker, now totally Darth Vader’d out, don’t ya know. But how far will the time jump be from season 2 to season 3? If this new clip is any indication, it’s probably a good long ways.

The clip, as part of The Star Wars Show, begins at the 3 minute 40 second mark:

We see some of the members of the Ghost crew having yet another interaction with that irascible space pirate Hondo (one of the holdovers from The Clone Wars). Sabine, rocking her Mandalorian armor as usual, is skeptical of whatever deal Hondo is offering, along with his Ugnaught business associate, and Zeb certainly doesn’t trust him either. But then we see Ezra Bridger, the only one who’s had positive dealings with Hondo in the past, and he definitely looks much more grown up than we’ve ever seen before. Taller, surely, and more in control of the force and his lightsaber–he now has a separate blaster pistol and lightsaber, no longer the two-in-one number–and he’s rocking a crew cut. Bye bye, hair drapes!


While the clip, action packed as it is, gives us little in the way of context for the story, it’s interesting to speculate how far in the future this is from the last time we saw these characters, and what has become of Kanan and Ahsoka. Ezra has picked up a lot of the Kanan-esque qualities of the mission, so is the recently blinded Jedi now just a mentor, or is he off attempting to commune further with the Force?

It will also be fun to see how and where Rebels season 3 connects to the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We already know that Rogue One is bringing in a Clone Wars character for the live-action realm, and Rebels is much more tied to the ongoing film universe than Clone Wars was. Could Ezra and company help get the plans with Jyn Erso, at least in animated form? Will we see the Ghost in the background of some hangar shot, or even flying around in space (I hope I hope)? The mind races!

Feel free to share your opinions and ideas in the comments below! Star Wars Rebels season 3 will premiere soon, and be sure to follow Nerdist all weekend as yours truly brings you updates and news from Star Wars Celebration Europe!

We’re sure excited by all these Rogue One details!

Image: Lucasfilm

Kyle Anderson is the associate editor for Nerdist and will be at Star Wars Celebration all weekend long!. Follow him on Twitter!

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