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STAR WARS REBELS Season 3 Clip, and More TV News

You don’t have to wait for Star Wars Celebration to start to get a tease about what’s ahead for Star Wars Rebels. We have a clip from season three in today’s TV-Cap, as well as casting updates for Supergirl and The Mist, a photo from season seven of The Walking Dead, and more. Let’s go!

Look into the Future. Season three of Star Wars Rebels will premiere at Celebration Europe, but Lucasfilm shared a sneak peek on The Star Wars Show. The clip starts at about 3:40 in the above video and showcases different looks for our characters, including a more grown up Ezra. It looks like a bit of a time jump has happened. But how long? We’ll probably find out when the Rebels panel happens Saturday at Star Wars Celebration. [Nerdist]

Casting Highlights. Let’s run down a couple of casting announcements that might make your ears perk up. Supergirl has placed Floriana Lima in the role of the metahuman police detective Maggie Sawyer, and Alyssa Sutherland has been cast as Eve Cunningham in the television adaptation of The Mist. [TVLine, Comic Book Resources]

Relaunch. ABC’s getting back in the free streaming game with their video on demand offerings on and the ABC app. Their offerings will include throwback series such as My So-Called Life, Sports Night (!) as well as new digital shorts, and episodes of currently airing television shows. Get all the details about the lineup at Variety.

Pony Form. It’s a step up in the world when you get to become a pony on My Little Pony, and Patton Oswalt has made the jump. His four-legged form is known as Quibble Pants, and the character will appear in the animated series in the July 30 episode, called “Stranger Than Fan Fiction.” I can’t wait to see what his cutie mark looks like—it’s obscured in the above photo (he’s the pony that isn’t Rainbow Dash). [Nerdist, Image: Discovery Family Channel]

Go On a Mission. Heading to San Diego Comic-Con? HBO is going big with Game of Thrones and bringing a themed scavenger hunt to the convention. The list includes photos with a Night King mask, posing with certain display cases, and a few other merch-related items—it’s not too hard except for the part where you’ll have to navigate the SDCC crowds. Check out the above image for details. [Nerdist, Image: HBO]

More Family Drama. Good news, Bloodline fans. Netflix has renewed the show about the Rayburns for a third season. It will be back with new episodes in 2017. [Vulture]

Hello, Lucille. The first look at season seven of The Walking Dead isn’t anything groundbreaking because it looks rather a lot like the end of season six of the series. Still, the image featuring Negan and his Lucille is here, and we’ll learn who he killed in the season seven premiere. [Entertainment Weekly, Image: Gene Page/AMC]

Steps Forward and Back. Ready for a full spoilery recap of the Mr. Robot premiere? Samantha has you covered. If you’d rather go way back in time, check out the latest installment of Game of Thrones Re-Throned. It’s all about “The Kingsroad,” the second episode of the series.

What do you think of Ezra’s new look in Rebels? Let me know in the comments.

Featured Image: Disney XD

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