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Plug Into Anywhere in the Galaxy with R2-D2 STAR WARS Power Converter

Some novelty products are so clever the only problem with them is how long it took someone to come up with the idea to make it. But the best kinds are the ones that aren’t just inspired, they are also incredibly practical. Like this R2-D2 Star Wars power adapter, which not only will make traveling the galaxy far, far away–or our own planet–easier, it will save you countless trips to the Tosche Station.

This ingenious power converter from Brando, which we came across at Gizmodo, is designed for UK/US/AUS/EU plugs and works “with universal sockets for more than 40 countries.” And as anyone who knows what happened to the Millennium Falcon when it tried going to Alderaan can tell you, you never know when you might have to dramatically change course when traveling.

R2-D2, who has proven to be one of the most popular Star Wars characters when it comes to novelty items, comes apart revealing a different style plug for each section of his body. You won’t need to collect a bounty from Jabba to pay for one, but he will cost you $42.

That might seem like a lot for a power convertor, but just think about how invaluable R2-D2’s ability to plug into a foreign socket proved on numerous trips.

Which Star Wars character would you most like to have accompany you as you traveled the world? May the force be with you as you tell us your top choice in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm
Images: Brando

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