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STAR WARS Launch Bay Store Opens in Disneyland for High-End Collectors

If you’re looking for the perfect Disneyland park souvenir, a pair of Mickey ears may suffice, but now you have the option of a $3000 Yoda statue? That would be fun to tote along on the Matterhorn!

Disneyland’s Season of the Force opens to the public on Monday, November 16, and I got a sneak peek inside the Star Wars Launch Bay, a store that is solely for the the hardcore Star Wars art collector. Prop replicas and art are available for purchase with familiar costumes made by Anovos, whose high-quality, screen-accurate uniforms and props are highly sought after for con cosplay.

Star Wars toy wall1-11132015

Art from Acme Archives as well as Gentle Giant, Sixth Scale, and Sideshow figures are all on display for purchase and, no, you don’t actually have to tote them around the park. Should you feel that you can’t leave the park without that $9000 life-sized Stormtrooper, just place your order in the store and the items will ship directly to your home.

Black series figures and custom art pieces are all available as well as autographed photos by the cast and crew. Of note for Disneyland fans and collectors, there are two pieces of merchandise that are exclusive to this store: the official Star Wars Launch Bay t-shirt and collector’s pin.

Star Wars dtech cases2-11132015

Star Wars Launch Bay is all about exclusives and this store provides another location for D-Tech on Demand, a place to create your own personalized electronic accessory case. The walls of available artwork for your phone case are exclusive to that particular store and the options are astounding. The whole process for D-Tech on Demand only takes approximately 10–15 minutes, so your custom phone case will be ready to go before you can hit Hyperspace Mountain.

Star Wars Season of the Force at Disneyland opens on Monday, November 16.

Check out all the photos of Star Wars Launch Bay in the gallery and let us know in the comments which high-end art piece is calling your name. Be sure to tag @nerdist and @justjennrecipes on instagram so we can see your Star Wars Season of the Force purchases!

images: Jenn Fujikawa


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