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STAR WARS Land vs. STAR TREK: The Cruise

Since Disney bought Star Wars way back in 2012, we’ve waited with bated breath for an announcement of some kind of Star Wars land or theme park. How could they not? Well, after years of rumors, we’ve finally got some details — a Star Wars Land is indeed coming to Disneyland and it sounds really, really ambitious.

But that’s not all! Star Trek is getting in on the attraction action with their first officially-licensed cruise. Yes, a cruise. As in an actual boat. William Shatner and Jonathan Frakes will be on board, a band made up of Star Trek actors will be performing, and best of all there will be sweet, glorious SCIENCE LECTURES!

Join Jessica Chobot as she breaks down everything you need to know about Star Wars Land and Star Trek: The Cruise on today’s Nerdist News!

Thanks for watching today’s show, don’t miss the latest Dan Cave, and let us know in the comments below if you’d rather go to Star Wars Land or Star Trek: The Cruise!

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