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Hot Wheels Spins out New Stylized STAR WARS Battle Rollers (Exclusive)

“Jedi! Super-deform, and roll out! But don’t get cocky… your heads are big enough already!”

That, as we may imagine, would be the order given to the Star Wars Battle Rollers, a new Hot Wheels sub-line from Mattel that uses ball bearings to extend each vehicle’s momentum. Nerdist has obtained the first look at these wacky, wobbling racers, which you can see below.

There’s something weirdly hilarious about old man Palpatine straining in the forward race position, perhaps because we’re not used to him piloting anything. But who in the Empire is going to tell him they have to take his license away as he’s a danger to others behind the wheel? “Danger to others” is his job description, after all.

Boba Fett drives his tiny Slave I the way we all assumed it would fly the first time we saw it, rather than the way it actually does… which would be unfeasible for wheels, truly. (Was I the only ones who had to argue with franchise-newcomer friends about the “true” right way to pilot the vehicle?)

Darth Vader has you now…

But somehow we think young Skywalker will escape. Like, he’s determined looking as all heck.

What of the new trilogy characters? The promo art shows a First Order TIE pilot, but so far the only actual vehicle that has been revealed is the Millennium Falcon with its newest pilot, Rey.

All vehicles come in try-me packaging that keeps the toy safe while allowing it to roll side-to-side within the plastic blister. They’re certain to catch the eye of your pet porg, or whatever other curious animal you may share your domicile with. And at $7.99, they’re easy to collect.

What would you like to see next? Hera with Ghost? Anakin with Jedi starfighter? A porg with a… porgmobile? (If a vehicle by that name does not exist, somebody must create one right away.) Comment away with suggestions!

Images: Mattel


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