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THE FORCE AWAKENS Monopoly to Include Rey After STAR WARS Fan Outrage

Where is Rey? Looks like she is going to be giving up her speeder and taking a ride on the Reading Railroad down to the Boardwalk. We have vocal Star Wars fans to thank for Force choking Hasbro into doing the right thing: The toy company announced they will now be including the franchise’s latest heroine in their new Star Wars Monopoly game.

Yesterday we told you about the newest chapter in the bizarre and frustrating story of The Force Awakens products leaving out the movie’s main protagonist, Daisy Ridley’s Rey; news broke that she would not be included as one of the token characters in the new Star Wars version of Monopoly due to Hasbro’s alleged intentions to avoid to espousing Force Awakens spoilers.

In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Hasbro, citing the “passion” (a.k.a. anger and bewilderment) of Star Wars fans, said that they are making a “running change” to the game and Rey will be included when the product is released later this year. Unless there are any other changes, she will be the only female character token, joining Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, and Finn.


Hasbro, like many other companies and stores that haven’t included Rey in various merchandise, said the original exclusion was simply about spoilers, mainly that they were trying not to reveal that the character that was all over advertising posters, trailers, and commercials ended up being really important in the movie. As dubious as those claims remain, what is clear is that Star Wars fans have made their voices heard, and at least this one injustice will be righted.

What are your thoughts on this continuing exclusion of Rey in merchandise? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm
Monopoly Image: Hasbro

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