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STAR WARS EPISODE VII Eyeing Jesse Plemons for Lead Role

First he was Landry, the lead singer of Crucifictorious, in Friday Night Lights. Then he was Todd, a/k/a Meth Damon, the sociopathic cold-blooded killer with a Nazi uncle in Breaking Bad. Now he could be the star of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII. According to a report from The Wrap, Plemons could be well on his way to a galaxy far, far away.

It’s important to note that Plemons has not been officially cast yet. The 25 year-old actor is scheduled to meet with director J.J. Abrams next week to discuss the film, which is heavily rumored to reunite Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford too. Apparently, Plemons had taped an audition that “was well-received by those involved in the casting process”, and he’ll make the trek to Los Angeles next week for a second, face-to-face audition with Abrams.

Personally, I think this is phenomenal casting, given Plemons’ considerable acting chops and his slight resemblance to Mark Hamill. Considering Hamill is 62 years old and Plemons is 25 years old, it would put the young actor in the right range to play, oh say, Luke Skywalker’s offspring. There’s no word yet on who Plemons would be playing, but rumor has it that the film revolves around three main characters, two young boys and a girl. Perhaps one of those will be Plemons. One thing is for sure though – it’s likely that we’ll hear more from Lucasfilm and Disney in the coming weeks.

Would you like to see Jesse Plemons make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? Let us know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter.

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  1. Fartbooty says:

    I love me some FNL & dat dudes an amazing actor I have no problem with that now if only Disney can get Natalie Portman to join the cast

  2. Andy says:

    Do to my drunken typos when doing recaps of Breaking Bad, Plemons will forever be known to me as ‘Math Demon’.

  3. ARossByAnyOther says:

    No! No! I’m going to spend the whole movie thinking “Luke Skywalker, you dead-eyed Opie motherfu**er.”

  4. rummy says:

    @orionsangel: Your saying Sir Alec Guiness was a nobody….until Star Wars?

  5. Trey says:

    I see what you did there… “he’ll make the trek to Los Angeles”… nice tie in.. well played Master Dan… Well played indeed!

  6. Harry Star says:

    It’s Less than …..12 parsecs …!
    Not under it …

  7. Josh says:

    I don’t care about Star Wars, but it would be hard to watch him play any different role. I know, it’s typecasting, but that’s just the way it is.

  8. Brospehine says:

    I didn’t know Pete Holmes had a brother.

  9. Orionsangel says:

    I’m glad they’re casting a nobody. Just like the original Star Wars film.

  10. cdb says:

    Holy shit yes please. I just got acquainted with this actor watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix and he’s awesome – – and what a perfect choice for the new Star Wars (I mean nothing could be worse than Episode 1, right?). I hope they make the right decision here.