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Bad Lip Reading Works its Nonsense on EMPIRE STRIKES BACK

Well, here we are again. Legitimately torn on whether or not to put a Star Wars parody song from YouTube into regular rotation on our regular music playlists. We had this very conundrum last year with Bad Lip Reading‘s “Seagulls!” and they’ve done it to us again with their latest track, “Hostiles on the Hill.”

This latest Star Wars tune derives its material from bits of The Empire Strikes Back during Luke’s participation in the Battle of Hoth. As the rebels take aim at the Imperial walkers, Luke makes sure to lay down some lyrics on a sick beat. As with most of BLR’s stuff, the song does not make too much sense, but that doesn’t stop it from being the one of the best numbers since “Mad About Me” or “Yub Nub”! Okay, that was an overreach. There’s no song that’s better than “Yub Nub.”

Still, there’s something incredibly catchy about the song’s chorus that makes us think we could potentially sneak it into a normal playlist without anyone noticing. Though they may get suspicious once the singer begins lamenting his “dang” sweetness or when the song ends with a discussion about Dak Ralter turning into a zombie.

Catchy as it may be, “Hostiles on the Hill” can’t hold a candle to the unbridled madness of “Seagulls!” but there’s really nothing you can do to top Yoda. He is a Jedi Master, after all. But what do you think? Let’s discuss which song is better in the comments section below!

Image: Lucasfilm

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