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Are the New Giant STAR WARS Destroyers Too Big?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is going to feature some really, really huge Star Destroyers. Huge-huge. Like, totally nutso huge. But just how big is too big? That’s what our experts tried to figure out on today’s Nerdist News Talk Back, as well as what to make of the other new Joker film—this time with 100% more Jared Leto—and if we should be excited about a John Cena/Kevin Hart Knight Rider reboot.

Host Jessica Chobot was joined by Nerdist’s very own Justice League heroes, her Bizarre States co-host Andrew Bowser, managing editor Alicia Lutes, and Mothership‘s Amy Vorpahl, a (not-so) long, long time ago, in a studio nearby, they discussed the photos of The Last Jedi’s new ships. The humongous Dreadnought, which at 2.5 times the size of a normal Star Destroyer apparently won’t even be the biggest one in the movie. But what does that mean for the plot, and will these over-sized ships suffer from the same problems of Starkiller Base? At the very least did the First order finally solve the whole “you can bring an AT-AT down by tying its shoelaces together” problem?

The gang also discussed the second new Joker movie announced this week, the one that will have Jared Leto reprising his role as the Joker, along with Margot Robbie returning as his partner in both love and crime, Harley Quinn. Will the movie, set to be written and directed by the team behind Crazy, Stupid, Love be a winner for DC, or just crazy stupid?

Image: Warner Bros. Studios

Finally you know they had to talk about the reported John Cena/Kevin Hart Knight Rider reboot. Is it so strange it can work, or just another attempt at cashing a check at the Nostalgia bank?

Watch to find out what they thought, but don’t forget if you want your questions answered on Nerdist News Talks Back, tune into our YouTube and Alpha channels at 1 pm PST when the show airs live every day.

It’s as much fun as new Star Wars ships are huge. And they are freaking huge.

What do you think? Does Star Wars have a supersize problem? Weigh in on that and the other topics of the day in our comments below.

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Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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