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Tested Made an Incredibly Creepy STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II Costume

Despite interstellar travel, medical advancements, and the ability to control what’s essentially “space magic,” the Star Wars universe is seriously plagued by a blind spot in how to convey messages. Hyperdrive? Easy. Laser weaponry? No big whoop! Droids with AI so advanced it’s like they have souls? Done! And yet the concept of email has never come up.

This is actually a good thing though because we get characters like Palpatine’s Messenger droid from EA’s upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II. And with that, we get this incredible cosplay of the droid created by Tested.

Ignoring the fact that no Skype call should ever be so darn ambulatory, this Sentinel droid exudes the creepiness required for any message Palpatine would ever need to convey. While the character looks to be holographic in the game, the Tested team was able to nail the look with practical effects instead of going digital. A Palpatine mask was created for their cosplayer to wear under the custom helmet equipped with LEDs that cast light in such a way to recreate the projected look of the droid.

It should come as no surprise that Tested has such a knack for creating cosplay items as it’s something they tend to do fairly often. Plus, this isn’t their first rodeo alongside EA for Battlefront II. Back in July, they recreated Iden Versio’s helmet in order to present it to the character’s mo-cap and voice actor, Janina Gavankar, actress at San Diego Comic-Con.

What’s your favorite Tested creation? Have their videos helped your own cosplay in some way? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Images: Tested/EA

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