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“Star Trek: Into Darkness” Super Bowl TV Spot

“I am better.” “At what?” “Everything.” And with those words we have another soon to be classic line for Trek fans to quote like crazy. We’ve seen pretty much everything else in this new spot, but that quote from Cumberbatch’s still indeterminate character is a nice addition to what we’ve seen so far. The film is in theaters on May 17th.

One more thing: During the game, those with the free Star Trek app got access to early showtimes of the film (starting May 15th) and an extended version of the TV spot. That app is at, and, yes, that means that you can see the movie two days early using the app to access tickets for early shows, and the app will also offer AR capabilities and the ability to collect points by watching Trek stuff on TV and elsewhere (it recognizes Trek when it hears Trek) and see additional content.



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  1. MischaD says:

    The Star Trek movies are good fun. Not every movie has to try to answer man’s existential dilemma. These movies are fun and fantasy and a good way to sit down with a coke and a tub of popcorn and escape every day life. And I’m looking forward to it! I might even spring for some Milk Duds!

  2. bastien says:

    @TA: Because all the other ST movies were so intelligent?

    Like the one where McCoy is possessed by Spock’s ghost.

    And the one where the mom from 7th Heaven helps them steal whales.

    And the one where the elderly Uhura does a strip tease and they yell at “God”.

    And the one where Picard hangs out with Kirk in a magical pocket dimension and Kirk dies like a wimp.

    And the one where Picard gains the power to slow down time.

    Point is, Star Trek has never been the hard sci-fi bastion it’s made out to be, and especially not the movies. The movies have always been kind of “dumb”, even the Next Generation ones.

  3. Mark says:

    Quicktime? For serious? Bluurg…

  4. TA says:

    I suppose it was inevitable, the dumbing down of ST will continue. The acting will be superb and the cinematography will be shaky and beautiful, but you can put a lipstick on a pig and it’s still not a beauty queen. I’d really love to see the long term engagement from people who enjoy these movies. I’d be curious to see if any of the excitement is anything more than skin deep. I literally don’t know anyone going to see this, especially those who are hardcore fans of the Star trek ecosystem, though I see a lot of people on the youtube channel with this trailer posting that they love Sherlock. I think it speaks volumes when the director of Star Trek is chosen to direct Star Wars, JJ is a fine director, but I can’t help but think Star Trek was a bad fit for him. I was hoping for something more than a run and gun action flick, but it looks like it will be another mindless, forgettable action thriller.