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STAR TREK, BvS, MARVEL, HELLRAISER, and More Top Mezco’s Toy Fair Reveals

Mezco Toyz have come a long way. When they first made their mark on the action figure market in the ’90s as a competitor to the likes of McFarlane and NECA, their unique twist was that their hyper-detailed toys, rather than being uber-realistic, were done in an exaggerated, caricature style. Some loved that and some hated it–the company argued that there was no way to sell a line of mostly normal human characters like The Goonies or The Warriors without putting a twist on it, and they were probably right.

This year, however, they’re going all-in on the high end, targeting the collectors who regularly drool over Sideshow and Hot Toys’ super-accurate 12″ movie figures, but who can’t or won’t drop $300 on each one. Might they be willing instead to pay $75 for a similarly detailed figure that’s half the size?

We’re going to find out. In December we gave you a look at their 1:12 Collective Mr. Spock figure; as you can see above, Kirk and Sulu are soon to follow. But they have a lot more to come in this style, including…


Batman v Superman. Sorry, folks–no female 1:12 body yet means no Wonder Woman at this juncture. But I’m sure they’ll keep her in mind.


Captain America (two different comic versions).


Daredevil (three comic versions).


A scarily accurate Boris Karloff Frankenstein. (Don’t give me guff about how it’s “Frankenstein’s Monster.” Dr. Frankenstein is his father, adoptive or otherwise, and therefore they share a surname, dammit.)


The Punisher (two comic versions, one significantly dirtier than the other).


And a Space Ghost action figure more detailed than the character has ever been rendered in any format.

1:12 isn’t all Mezco’s doing, though. Their Mortal Kombat figures will be scaled down to four inches for collectors with smaller budgets, and they also want to tear your soul apart with this guy….


Yes, there have been many Pinhead figures from NECA, but they never did him in 12″. Just 6″ and 18″. Your pleasure and pain needs a footlong.

Then there’s this:


If you watched ThunderCats in the ’80s, you had one of two reactions to Snarf. Either you wanted to hug him, or you wanted to dropkick him into the nearest wall to make him shut up. Thanks to this new plush, you can do both!

There are more–including Suicide Squad Mez-Itz, Gigantor, Bugs Bunny, and new Beetlejuice caricatured items–over at Mezco’s Facebook page. But beware: once you look, you cannot un-want them all.

Has Mezco gotten their hooks into you yet? Tell us why or why not in comments below.

images: Mezco/Facebook


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