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Square Enix Goes to Krypton For Their NYCC Exclusive

Whether or not you loved this summer’s Man of Steel is one thing, but it’s hard not to fall head over superpowered heels for Square Enix’s New York Comic Con exclusive, a shiny new black version of their Play Arts KAI Man of Steel Superman figure. That’s right — for a cool $80 ($79.99 technically), you can take home a miniature version of Henry Cavill clad in his stealthy Superman finest. On our planet, the symbol on his chest means “sweet”!

Standing at an impressive 9.5 inches, he is nearly as tall as the real Clark Kent (presumed to be 10 inches)! Plus he comes with interchangeable hands, in case you find closed fists to be eminently boring, and a display stand to make your co-workers more jealous than young Bruce Wayne at a parent-teacher conference. Here are all the relevant specs for you numbercrunchers out there

Specs: PVC Action Figure
Package: Window Box
Figure Size: H 9.5”
Package Size: W 23cm x D 10cm x H 30cm

Having seen it up close, I can affirm that the sculpt is top notch and the packaging is something that would make the 40-Year-Old Virgin consider trading his Steve Austin figure. While your best bet for going home with Clark is to snag one at NYCC, the figure is also available for pre-order on Square Enix’s online store while supplies last. To prove that we didn’t leave our hearts in the Phantom Zone though, we suggest that you check back here near the start of NYCC for a, shall we say, super giveaway…

What do you think of Square Enix’s Man of Steel Superman black variant? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Andrew says:

    NOOOOOO, not the Steve Austin!!!!!!!!

  2. damocles74 says:

    There’s only one way you could play with that though. set up your bed room with army of bad guys and then take it out to the front yard and have it beat up the lawn sprinkler leaving your pathetically under powered G.I. Joes to save themselves.