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Spray Paint Becomes a Rainbow Explosion in Super Slow Mo

Cans of spray paint, a BB gun, an axe, a sledgehammer, and a super slow motion camera–combining those things together can only mean one thing: The Slow Mo Guys are back with a new video.

Continuing their obsession with making beautiful, colorful art in very non-traditional ways, Dan and Gavin filmed their varies methods of blowing up cans of spray paint at 2,500 frames-per-second, and the messy results are better than you’d hope.

First they started by piercing the cans with a BB gun, and while the first two looked really cool in slow mo–like mini, colorful geysers–the glancing blow they fired at the last, blue can sent it spinning in the air like a downed helicopter in a disaster movie.

Then they switched up to the axe and sledgehammer, and it was glorious. Dan, in his extra safe blue jacket suit, first took the axe to a yellow can of spray paint, which promptly exploded in his face. The rest turned him into his very own breathing Jackson Pollack, but the real star here was the slow motion footage, which showed the pressurized cans of liquid firing off in all directions.

As for the sledgehammer, it is obviously not easy to be accurate with it, but it did manage to produce some great looking footage.

That is, until the grand finale, when they took out an array of cans at once, like a rainbow exploding in a glorious burst of silliness.

This might not be a great method for painting a wall, but it did make some surprisingly pleasant art (which you can bid on at eBay for charity, currently at over 80 THOUSAND dollars), and some awesome slow motion footage.

What other ways should they destroy cans of spray paint? Don’t be slow, hurry up and tell us in the comments below.

We did some Slow Motion Destruction of our own!

Images: The Slow Mo Guys

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