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Spoon! Live-Action THE TICK Maybe Be Coming to Amazon

I’m going to try not to get my expectations up too high here.

So, People is reporting that the live-action The Tick series will be coming back – with original star Patrick Warburton. No word from their sources on who would be producing the series of whether creator Ben Edlund would be involved.

If true, this could mean the return of one of the oddest and funniest experiments in Fox’s live-action lineup after almost 15 years off the air.

Warburton (Venture Brothers, Family Guy) as the nigh invulnerable and naive superhero of The City. Without any real identity outside of his costumed one, The Tick made his home with accountant-turned-awkward-hero Arthur (David Burke), with the odd couple attempting to rid the city of crime – or mostly navigate the petty social world of the capes and tights set.

The Tick is the creation of comic writer (and now TV showrunner) Ben Edlund (Angel, Firefly, Supernatural). The character made his debut nearly 30 years ago in the New England Comics Newsletter, a mental hospital escapee who donned a big, blue suit and went around punching crime in a series of absurdist adventures. In the mid-90’s, he would graduate to the world of animation, with a three-season series on Fox Kids which introduced oddities from the comics (and original creations) like Chairface Chippendale, American Maid, Joe Stalin, and Man-Eating Cow.

The original live-action series made its debut on Fox during the 2001-2002 season.. However, the live-action counterpart was doomed by low ratings and cancelled after only 9 episodes. The show worked largely on the charisma and all-out performance of Warburton. The character was big and loud and Warburton can do oversized bafflement better than anyone. The series is currently available to buy via streaming services like Amazon.

People didn’t have any details on when The Tick would head into production, whether it was going to series, or simply being submitted as part of the pilot program. If all of this is true, hopefully Edlund will be involved in some way.

[Source: People]

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  1. Brock F’ing Samson.

  2. Annoyed says:

    Do you guys even listen to your own podcasts? Ben Edlund already discussed this in a NERDIST podcast a few weeks ago. Why are you citing People instead of, oh, the interview already posted that Nerdist had?

    • Annoyed says:

      Edlund talks about the failure of the live action at 37 minutes, and 38:50 announces that HE is doing it, Wobberton is on board, and that Sony is interested. ON YOUR PODCAST. How do you not know if he’s involved or not?!?

  3. Who puts gum on on roof!?

  4. dorkus mcgorkus says:

    The tick was before his time. Just like Earl and Randy were. Its time has come. Think of season 1 as a pilot shot 15 years ago.

  5. Dave says:

    I was just watching this the other day on Netflix and thought to myself “SPOON!” and jumped off the roof to remove the calloused blemish of evil from the perfect face of justice… and then I wished there were more than just 1 season of this show. Patrick Warburton was PERFECT as The Tick. I hope this is true. I would LOVE to see more. 

  6. wiredwizard says:

    =sighs= I’d rather they brought the cartoon back instead.