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SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Score Preview Teases an Intense Movie

Spider-Man‘s story is one that’s been told time and time again, more than most other superheroes. The upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming surely hopes to establish itself as the definitive big-screen adaptation, and if that’s a realistic goal, the movie will have to set itself apart in every single aspect. A big part of that is the music, which is why they’ve brought Michael Giacchino on board. The composer has provided the scores for films like Up and The Incredibles, and he even won an Oscar for the former.

That means that musically, this movie is really going to bring it, and the just-shared suite from the film confirms that (via Collider).

The six-minute track sounds like a preview of some of the movie’s major themes: It starts off with swelling strings and a big optimistic sound before picking up the tempo and getting into some real menacing, conflict-type music. Then things slow back down, like the aftermath of a big confrontation, before really winding down into what sounds like a sigh of relief or contemplation, a bright sign that everything’s going to be OK.

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What’s striking about this is the amount of people involved with the recording of this track. We’ve seen videos that show film scores being made and we’ve seen how many musicians are in the room, but actually reading them listed out, as they are in the video’s comments, is really staggering. There are 31 credited violinists alone! You’ll be able to hear them all once the soundtrack drops on the same day as the movie: July 7.

Listen to the song above, check out the soundtrack’s tracklist below, and let us know in the comments what your favorite superhero film score is.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Tracklist

1. “Theme From Spider Man (Original Television Series)”
2. “The World Is Changing”
3. “Academic Decommitment”
4. “High Tech Heist”
5. “On a Ned-to-Know Basis”
6. “Drag Racing / An Old Van Rundown”
7. “Webbed Surveillance”
8. “No Vault of His Own”
9. “Monumental Meltdown”
10. “The Baby Monitor Protocol”
11. “A Boatload of Trouble Part 1”
12. “A Boatload of Trouble Part 2”
13. “Ferry Dust Up”
14. “Stark Raving Mad”
15. “Pop Vulture”
16. “Bussed a Move”
17. “Lift Off”
18. “Fly-by-Night Operation”
19. “Vulture Clash”
20. “A Stark Contrast”
21. “No Frills Proto COOL!”
22. “Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite”
“The Queens Community Bank Jingle (Hidden Track)”
“The Real Reason Peter Quit the Band (Hidden Track)”

Featured image: Sony Pictures

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