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Spectacular STAR WARS Rice Art to Celebrate THE FORCE AWAKENS

Using food to create pop culture pieces of art is nothing new, but creating art out of the source ingredients on a mass scale? Now that’s a tasty feat. Tambo is the Japanese art form of creating pictures by planting in a rice paddy and the people of a small village in Japan have banded together to create an incredible tribute to Star Wars.

Once a year, in Japan’s Aomori Prefecture’s Inakadate Village, the people of the town honor their cultural history and revitalize their town by using a rice paddy to create pictures on a massive scale. The village works together to carefully plant the rice to create amazing, skillful pieces of art.

This year the village decided to dedicate their time into making an homage to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The image is drawn up and planned out, then roped off areas and maps are all that are used to begin the process.


The annual planting event is a huge part of the village’s community. People of all ages come out to help plant the rice, from small children to the elderly, to… Stormtroopers? They don’t look like they’re helping, more like supervising. Move along… move along.

In the end, the images of droids BB-8, C-3P0, and R2-D2 along with the signature Star Wars logo came to an astounding 154 meters by 69 meters (505 feet by 226 feet). The rice paddy art brings around 250,000 visitors a year but with Star Wars interest at its current peak, that number could go even higher.

Would you travel all the way to Japan to see this amazing work of art? Let us know in the comments, and please let us tag along.

HT: RocketNews24
IMAGES: Inakadate Village


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