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SPACE STATION 76 Gets International Distribution from Sony Pictures

Space adventures are about to get super-groovy, internationally speaking. Space Station 76, a retro-1970s-version-of-the-future dramedy, was just acquired by Sony Pictures Worldwide for international distribution rights at SXSW.

Helmed and co-written by actor Jack Plotnick, the retro-comedic dramedy revolves around a group of people — and more than a few robots, natch, because people of the 70s looooved them some robots — living on a space station in the future. It just so happens that future is slightly off-base with the actual future, but that’s what makes it fun! (The ’70s sound delightfully weird.) (EDITOR’S NOTE: Nah, kinda like now except no internet, fewer TV channels, and more polyester.) Upon the arrival of a new assistant captain (Liv Tyler), crew-related tensions and dark secrets bubble up to the surface and cause a calamity of the comedic order. Lust, jealousy, anger, and the rest jeopardize the crew’s chance of survival against the asteroid that’s also, conveniently, heading their way. The film stars Matt Bomer, Patrick Wilson, and Wilson’s truly amazing mustache in addition to Tyler, and also features Marisa Coughlan, Kylie Rogers, Kali Rocha, Jerry O’Connell, and Keir Dullea.

The film’s domestic distribution rights have yet to be secured, but a pick-up from Sony certainly bodes well for the likelihood that U.S. audiences will also have a chance to escape into this version of the future. Space Station 76 premiered on March 8th at SXSW.

What do you think: interested in checking this film out? Let us know in the comments.

HT: The Hollywood Reporter


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  1. Melissa says:

    I really want to see this movie.  i think it was a great concept and looks fun.   Also i was born in 1976.

  2. Todd says:

    Ah, but check out this retro 70’s Sci Fi show: Moon Zero Three

  3. linuxpycho says:

    Oh yes, I’m in

  4. zach says:

    i definitely want to see this soon

  5. Kimberly Carter says:

    Heck yeah, I am so in and the fact that I was born in 76, is just a bonus!!

  6. Betsy Smith says:

    I’ll watch anything with Matt Bomer!

  7. Sam says:

    Oh yes, I’m in

  8. Stanley says:

    Upload it to the internet. BOOM! Distributed.

  9. If this is really a thing, I SO want a live-action Space Dandy.

  10. Don says:

    This sounds fantastic!!! I hope it gets a wide release! My brain needs some retro space comedy!!!