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Sony Selling PC Business, Reshaping TV Branch, Laying Off 5,000 Workers

There was an interesting lack of attention from Sony put on their new line of VAIO laptops during CES last month. If they weren’t chirping away about their new 4K television sets, or waterproof cameras and smartphones, they were emphasizing their heavy faith in PlayStation Now. Given the news today that Sony is hoping to sell off the PC division of their business, this all now makes perfect sense.

Sony has decided to exit the PC market and turn their attention to ramping up efforts with their smartphone and tablet products, while reforming their television branch. As a result, approximately 5,000 Sony employees will suffer layoffs, with 1,500 of these being in Japan and the other 3,000 happening overseas. Without throwing too many numbers in your faces, Sony was projecting a fiscal year net profit of $295 million, but following this restructure, their looking at about a $1.08 billion net loss. Yikes city, guys!

Sony is hoping to sell their VAIO brand to Japanese industry partners, and a final agreement with said partners is set to be ready to put in place this March. Perhaps this is what’s best for them, as their PCs haven’t been the most competitive in recent years to the likes of say, Macbook Pros or Dell laptops. It’s still, however, quite unfortunate for the many that will lose their jobs because of this.

Have you ever owned a VAIO laptop? If so, share your experience with it in the comments below.

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  1. Bob the Snob says:

    They’re looking, not their. Sigh.

  2. Paul M says:

    A year ago I bought a new HP laptop to replace my 5 yr old Vaio. I still use the Sony more than the newer faster HP due to its superior design, particularly the keyboard.

  3. brotherTodd says:

    Had a PCG-3A1L. The motherboard burnt out in roughly a year.