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Sony is Courting Nintendo for SUPER MARIO BROS. Rights

It seems we’re nowhere near out of the woods yet on news to come from the massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures that occurred last week. Most recently, the two highest profile stories to hit the web consisted of news regarding the future of the studio’s major franchises of Spider-Man, Men in Black and 22 Jump Street. However, new emails are coming to light indicating Sony’s also looking to add some new properties to its roster. But, in this case, it’s not so much that Sony is courting new IPs (that happens all the time in Hollywood), but rather what they’re courting.

According to new reports, there are emails in the data dump that display clear intention by Sony to go after Nintendo in order to obtain the rights to Super Mario Bros. for an animated film. The emails most recently lead to producer Avi Arad (the man behind most non-MCU related Marvel Films) claiming to Amy Pascal (head of Sony Pictures), “I am the proud father of mario the animated film.” However, when this email was sent, no deal had been locked, nor is there currently one locked.

The surprising bit here isn’t so much that Nintendo is being talked to, nearly all of their IPs are ripe for adaptation – especially in the animated space, it’s that they’re talking to Sony. You may recall a few months ago when it was announced Sega had set plans in motion for a Sonic the Hedgehog feature film. Well, one of the studios involved with that venture is, you guessed it, Sony. So, what would happen if the studio also got Mario? Could we get a Mario/Sonic crossover? We also don’t know the terms of creative control. Would they fall to Sony? Nintendo? There’s a lot of information we’ve yet to clarify, thus meaning speculation on anything other than Mario film rights potentially being for sale by Nintendo would be misguided and uninformed.

Do you want to see a Mario Bros. animated film? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Nixius9 says:

    Can we see a Live action Legend of Zelda movie, PLEASE! IGN’s april fools joke a few years back set my mouth a-waterin’