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SONS OF ANARCHY Has Wrapped Production on its Final Season

Seven years ago, FX debuted a series they never could have expected would take off the way it has, Sons of Anarchy. Created by then Shield (the other one) writer Kurt Sutter, the Shakespearean drama about a Northern California based motorcycle club has taken us to hell and back. We’ve watched for years now as the club’s suffered victory, loss, war, betrayal and everything in between. However, with the series closing up shop this year, the end to SAMCRO’s reign is fast approaching. How fast? Well as of this past week, the series finale has wrapped production according to the executive producer:

That’s a wrap. Thank you. #soa #finalride

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We’re currently neck deep in a flurry of blood and bullets. Bobby’s being held hostage while systematically having body parts cut off, Jax’s still trying to make the Chinese pay for the murder of his wife – a murder that was in fact committed by his own mother (who’s grandson is now aware of her crimes) and Juice is doing everything he can to earn his way back into Redwood. However, that’s just a fraction of what the gang’s currently facing, and as we inch close to the airing of the series final that just wrapped principle photography, we have no doubt things are going to start getting heated to levels the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Will Juice succeed in his mission against the Chinese? How much longer will it be before Jax learns the truth behind Tara’s death (because he has to, right)? How will the rest of the chapters react when they learn of Jax’s actions against a member of their own from this past week’s episode? Will Gemma buy a new bird? There are so many things to ponder on and so little time to do it in.

How do you think the rest of Sons of Anarchy’s final season’s going to play out? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: FX

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  1. Kelly says:

    I predict Abel will kill Gemma with the claw end of the hammer he was holding when he said he was protecting Thomas then he’ll tell Jax why he did it.

  2. Huge Fan says:

    This is my thought on what is going to happen with Gemma. Now, everyone has to remember that the one thing through the entire series that Gemma has been so very devoted to has been club and family. I think it comes out  about Gemma killing Tara, but instead of Jax killing her he is going to take the only thing that means anything to her away. Her family and the club. He will excommunicate her from everything. Nero will leave her and he,  Wendy the boys  will move to his new ranch. Haven’t really come up with any ideas about Jax or the other SAMCROW members yet. 

  3. I think Nero and Wendy will take the boys and ride off into the sunset while everyone else must die 

  4. candee says:

    Jacks never finds out the truth. Juice rats everyone out and Gemma loses everything

  5. J. Dinkhouse says:

    Jeez, spoilers! Just because I’m interested in an article about the show wrapping, it doesn’t mean I want to have the entire season spoiled.

  6. Well I for one am tired of characters getting killed in my favorite series(last one being ‘Nucky’ Thompson)But as the series got evolved it is expected to have one(or more) death-s..I would like it to be Gemma,but I think Gemma will end up in jail,Juice too, after he gets the job done,(like Otto)the SONS will be torn apart..and I dont have a clue about Jax.

  7. Bj says:

    Everyone will die but kids and chins.  He and his police friend will be shown with Able and Thomas looking at cementary of everyone’s headstones

  8. san says:

    Nero and Wendy will take the boys to live in the country. Gemma will be left alone with her birds and Jax and Juice profess their love for each other, Juice has surgery and he and Jax get married, (joke,folks)

  9. Patti says:

    I’m thinking Jax will never know what Gemma did.  Maybe Abel will ask Wendy why did g’ma kill my mommy, and Wendy will have Gemma’s balls in her hands this time…  I think if Jax does find out, that he WILL kill Gemma…  or she will kill herself first…  I hope she doesn’t hurt Abel, but I’m afraid that could be a real possibility…Gemma has caused SO much bloodshed…  and Juice…  he hasn’t done any thing any worse then any one else…  I hope he gets out clean, and I hope Bobby makes it out ok… oh..  another thought…  maybe Juice will tell the Asians that Gemma killed Tara and has caused all this trouble, and maybe they will take care of her…  so many possibilities…  I love you Kurt!!

  10. JG says:

    Jax kills Gemma and then himself the end

  11. KMCC says:

    I think Chucky is the snitch and actually an alien entity who is controlling everyone for his own amusement!

  12. Pam says:

    I think they should keep the show going it’s such a big hit im sure there are a lot of people out there that don’t want it to end. But seeing as how it will I think able will tell his dad or Nero what Gemma did and she will be done. Don’t think he will kill her but put her in jail for life to suffer for what she did and not seeing her grand kid’s she will suffer on that part that maybe she’ll kill herself

    • ray says:

      Jax can’t turn her over for the murder of Tara, that Bitch could bring the whole club down with all she knows, but on the other hand she has about destroyed hem and everything she touched already. All but Nero and Wendy.

    • bronwen thomas says:

      I agree with you on this I love the sons of anarchy. .. I have just about finished S5 but gunna try and watch S6 now 

    • Ken says:

      I think when it is all said and done, the only ones left will be Gemma and Uncer. We know this can not end well for the club and know the way Gemma is acting the secret will get out, What will Jax do? I don’t think he can kill her, she is such a presence in his life but as a great character from another favorite “Family”  Show said, “One day your hapiness will turn to ash in your mouth.” I think Jax will just keep spiraling out of control.  He is no longer thinking about the club and now they are just tools for him. Some of the Jax we know is still there but he is just a hammer and all he sees is nails. Kurt Sutter has  always said it won’t end well so I think the season has been kinda slow these past two episodes is going to go flat out and we will start seeing the club torn apart one by one.

  13. Deb Rockwood Bottorff says:

    Only Kurt knows! Can’t wait to see how he ends it all… last minute change of mind I wish!

  14. Able kills gemma, to protect the family causing jax to re evaluate and escape the club life for his boys. Or chibs takes the boys with his cop girlfriend and leaves it all behind and lets Jackie spiral out of control to his demise.

  15. Hopefully most of the sons who need to make amends die at the end. Sadly most of them got caught up in lies and betrals far beyond them. Sad to see them go but would make for a cleansing ending. Leaving Nuro, his son, jaxs sons, Wendy, chucky, Lila & kids and UNSHER to start a new life at the farm. I wouldLike juice to live and get out too. 
    I hope that Abel tells UNSHER about Gemma and he kills her before jax finds out. He deserves to kill her after all the games and bull shit she put him through. At the end it would be jax kissing his boys and goingOff to do just one more thing to try and make everything right but is killed on the same road as his dad but by his own free choice. Reply what jurry was trying to tell him. The end credits would show a happy family out at the farm and cut to jax reunited with all the sons then last Tara. A sweet kiss and look of approval from Tara closes the show out with the passed sons happy in the backgroud. 

  16. Laura Wyatt says:

    They all become born again Christians and go to Disneyland….

    • ray says:

      you my friend are extremely touched, need not worry my Dear the Lord takes care of his special children, I am sure you will have a special place in heaven, and a room all to yourself.

  17. I think jax’s will kill his mom,and ride off to bee with his sons 

  18. sue says:

    I have no clue as to how it will end I did watch the Shield thru to it’s end and was surprised how it ended so leave it to Kurt to take us to the bitter end and leave us begging for more and there won’t be anymore. So enjoyed this run what a program.

  19. Tina Esqueff says:

    Whatever happens it’s one of the best shows I’ve got addicted to love jax

  20. Michelle says:

    Jax will kill Gemma and leave with the kids to start a new life. Juice will be the one to tell him. Nero will also leave and start a new life

  21. Kpatt says:

    I say 3-5 more main characters including club members will meet Mr Mayhem. Nero will take his boy to the ranch. Things fall apart in Charming & Jax gets his hands dirty but for the most part lets it play. He can’t risk anymore Sons getting hurt. All he’ll have left is rage from the truth, his cut, his boys, & the honor he feels he owes to keep his boys out & away from the SAMCRO lifestyle to Tara.

  22. Brooke says:

    Abel kills Gemma!

  23. petzi says:

    Jax escapes to socal w his kids.  cut to black credits roll.  after credits jax get a knock on the door.  it’s vic mackey welcoming him to the neighborhood. 

  24. i hate you kurt for havin my bobby hurt . he is the smart one of the club. 

    • @MormonVoodoo says:

      If you hate a writer for having a character hurt, you have more problems than you know.  Step away from the TV and go enjoy the real world because if a character on a TV show has you so obsessed that you say you HATE the write, you need a break.

      • terst says:

        If you take everything that is written on the internet literally, you have more problems than you know. Step away from the PC and go enjoy the real world because if a comment on the internet has you so obsessed that you tell them such things, you need a break.

  25. Tom Bucknell says:

    Abel will tell Jax that Gemma killed his Mommy,  Juice will die in prison,  it’s gonna get messy,  the niners will end up taking out Marcus, Nero will kill Gemma for killing Tara 

  26. kerrell says:

    I think just about everyone will die in the end. But with Kurt Sutter you never know for sure. Either way it’s been one hell of a final season,I’m gonna miss SOA. Also I laughed so hard when I read will Gemma buy a new bird.

  27. Heidi says:

    Jax will die, Able will continue on and become a Son, knowing what Gemma did.  Gemma will probably be the only one to make it out alive

  28. NachoKingP says:

    I literally LOLed at “Will Gemma buy a new bird?”

  29. Brian Fitts says:

    In true Shakespearian tragedy style: everyone dies and someone gives a big speech at the end.

    • Chris says:

      Unser will be that “somebody”.  The only man that’s had the reaper literally over his head since the beginning will be the one to tell the tail.