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Sonic And His Crew Get A Makeover In SONIC BOOM

Sega has announced a universal reboot of Sonic The Hedgehog today during a press event in New York City. In celebration of over 20 years of ripping, running, and ring collecting, the face of Sega along with his supporting cast got a complete makeover in preparation for Sonic Boom, a new TV show and video game, which released its first trailer today:

Whoa, Sonic and company have certainly changed since the last time we saw them. Sonic is even taller than he was before, is now rocking bandages around his lower shins and has gone totally hipster with the addition of his new scarf. Oh, and look at Knuckles, who use to be fairly similar to Sonic in terms of size, now looking like he’s been doing some serious body building with his new massive physique. I’d imagine this is Sega’s attempt to appeal to a broader and younger audience, but this is sure to either bedazzle or ruffle the feathers of long time fans of the blue blur.

The game will be a two-player co-op outing set to release on the Wii U and 3DS exclusively. The Wii U version is being developed by BigRedButton, a studio run by former Naughty Dog developer Bob Raffei, while the 3DS version is being handled by Sanzaru. Are you a fan of Sonic’s new look? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Also, here’s a look at the trailer for the TV show version of Sonic Boom, which features a non-Steve Urkel-voiced Sonic The Hedgehog:

HT: Kotaku

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  1. Dr.Ivo Robotnik says:

    NOOOOO! WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS! WHY! The ridiculous redesigns turned me away. If they stick with them, I might lose interest in their franchise, and it was my favorite franchise! I was fine with the 1998 redesigns because they were mostly minor, and Robotnik actually looked COOLER, but now I’m not sure if this is Mobius or Ancient Egypt’s night of the living dead franchise!!!!!!!

  2. jamiere says:

    Best version of sonicwas satAm. I don’t like the bandages on him jot tales..not sure why they did that to knuckles..and Sonics personality seems way off..

  3. zeppo says:

    Noooo why is knuckles a bodybuilder, im gonna throw up

  4. Mike says:

    Holy wow no. That looks awful. I am clearly not in Sonic’s demographic any more.

  5. KCK says:

    dismal. was that a peek at sonic’s little blue dick at 0:25

  6. Andrew says:

    The scarf looks a little ridiculous, but my main objection is the bandages on his shins and hands. They look less like taping up before a fight and more like a mummy molting.