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…and it’s perfect. No seriously, you are going to be saying “How you doin’?” to this video when you’re done watching it. Don’t worry. We’ll wait. You may watch it so many times that you’ll have the opportunity to pull a Monica and clean our whole apartment.

This delightful little mashup is the brainchild of Robert Jones, a Las Vegas based video editor who posted the video earlier this week. It’s taken off pretty well. One of the Guardians, Dave Bautista, even posted it on his official Facebook page.

I’m not going to do the “In case you’re not familiar with” thing here because I can’t imagine there’s anyone on this site who doesn’t have some passing familiarity with both the TV juggernaut that Friends was or the amazing Guardians of the Galaxy. Not only does the theme of friendship resonate beautifully with both of these pieces of entertainment, but there are enough cute little parallels in there about best buds, unlikely love, and railing against the man to make it all the more entertaining. I mean sure, the “man” in Friends is any number of bosses or annoying neighbors rather than a sociopath on a mission to control the universe but still, they all count as “the man” so I’m sticking to my guns on this one.

Once you’ve watched this video as many times as you can, make sure to wander through Jones’s YouTube channel. We see videos of The Walking Dead, Weird Science, Batman, Star Wars and many, many more. You can probably use this as an escape from family all weekend if you try hard enough.

Tell us what you think the next mashup he does should be in the comments below!

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  1. Estaban says:

    I like the the Fraiser Mash up (not to meaning to sound like the Iike turtles kid). The dinosuar sound at end of hooked me in.

  2. Kirk Russell says:

    Something with REM.