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Someday River Gets Funky in Sun-Drenched Single “Day Changer” (Premiere)

Floridian trio Someday River draws inspiration from its members’ home state’s unique ecology. From the “salty coasts” to the “swampy center,” the experimental folk rock bandmates explore their watery roots, dipping into psychedelic undercurrents that sample both salty and swampy realms. Finding the balance between those differences is the challenge, and that’s something Someday River probes in its new track “Day Changer”—premiering today on Nerdist.

“’Day Changer’ has a lot to do with the duality of things; taking the good in with the bad, and realizing that neither can exist without the other,” said frontman Greyson Charnock in a statement. “It’s about specific moments that snap things into perspective… nothing huge or life changing, but more like simple, understated reminders.”

That dualistic sentiment gets summed up in the track’s opening line: “Hurry up and wait for it.” Funky basslines and jangly guitars surround the reverb-laden vocals, which echo and spill over the mix like the sun on a summer day. “Day Changer” is bright and laid back, a pre-summer jam to usher in warmer climes and chiller vibes. Hurry up and take it outside with you and then wait for things to snap into perspective. Don’t be afraid to let your day change a little bit.

Someday River is currently touring around Florida, so if you’re hanging in the Sunshine State, go find these guys. “Day Changer” is undoubtedly just the beginning—keep your eyes peeled for more Someday River tunes soon.

Until then, let us know about your perspective-altering moments in the comments below.


IMAGE: Lindsey Hansen

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