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So You Hate The iPad…

Let’s face it. Some people just don’t like Apple. It doesn’t matter how sleek and shiny and pretty and…*drool*…sorry, sometimes I look at the iPad and I lose myself a bit.

So for those who still want a tablet computer, but don’t want an iPad, what is there to do? With a couple of new releases coming up, the wait for Microsoft and Android fanboys might be over. I hesitate to say “iPad Killer”, both because I dislike violent rhetoric and because I kept hearing “Halo killer” when Killzone came out, and we all know how that turned out.

Option: The HP Slate

I hesitate even more to use the term “iPad Killer” when referring to the HP Slate 500, officially announced, at long last, the other week. It seems clear that HP knows it won’t be able to compete directly with the iPad, as the marketing campaign pushes that this is a business-ready gadget, complete with business apps. The superior processing power and storage (1.86 GHz and 64GB standard) backs up those claims. This thing is definitely a beast, closer to being a small portable computer than a large iPod Touch (though the screen is about an inch smaller than the iPad’s at 8.9″). You’ll also get 1080p video capabilities, HDMI out, and a VGA front-facing and 3 megapixel rear camera. The downside? This bad boy costs $799. Ouch. I don’t know about you, but if I’m dropping $800 it ain’t gonna be on a tablet.

Option: Samsung Galaxy Tab

Android is all grown up now, and seems capable of taking on iOS and Windows. Enter the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab. Purely based on price point, the Galaxy Tab is already an improvement over the HP Slate. It’s not a beast like the HP tablet, but $600 no-contract is an improvement as far as your bank account is concerned, and if you go with a Sprint contract, you can get that subsidized down to $400. The specs seem to match the iPad at first (1GHz processor, 32GB storage, WiFi/3G capabilities), but there are a few differences down the road. Firstly, this is a little guy: the Galaxy measures a palindromic 7.4″ by 4.7″, as compared to the iPad’s 9.7″…apply the Pythagorean Theorem and you’ll find it’s about an inch shorter diagonally. But some might find that the 0.83 pound weight and smaller size makes for easier handling on the go. The screen resolution falls a tad short as well, but the pixel density is higher. And, same as the HP Slate, the Galaxy has two cameras, where the iPad…how do I put this gently…it ain’t got shit.

Option: Be A Cheap Bastard

Kmart has announced that it will be selling a Sylvania 7-inch tablet, running Android 2.1, for $180. Buy that at your own risk, cheapskate.

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Images: HP, Samsung

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  1. andoran_g33k says:

    @ Tusk: The phones are great, but I personally prefer something a little bigger.

    @ Brewcaster and Antti: Lighten up, guys. It was a joke.

  2. Tusk says:

    I may be missing the point with these particular gadgets, someone enlighten me. I remember all the hipsters where at Starbucks on their laptops a few years back. Now we all have smartphones, and when you see someone with a laptop in public and its not school or business related, I’m like really. So why the pads when we have phones just as capable?

  3. Antti says:


    I respectfully disagree that intentional argument polarization and saying black and white things is the way to write good attention grabbing articles.

    I am not saying it isn’t a way to write such articles. I just mean that I personally don’t need hyperboles to understand things. Good writing also doesn’t need that. Then again, it is built-in nerd culture and gadget thinking that one needs to love and hate inanimate objects. So I guess it is easier to let this pass by than to fight the windmills.

  4. george says:

    I’m actually planning to get one of the cheapo, sub-200 android tablets. What’s the worst that can happen? I have a tablet I can read emails/blogs on, and it only cost me $100 something. So what if it’s slow? I guess it depends on what you want to do with it, but I see no need to use it for 1080p video. I have 3 large televisions/monitors for that.

  5. Brain says:

    My wife wants one of these but I’m really reluctant to shell out the cash. The problem that I just cannot get past, at least in my own mind, is how this device compares to other similarly priced computers. Then again, I suppose it isn’t the overall performance and functionality that is really on offer here. Like a lot of Apple products, its the applications (or apps) and interactivity of the device that is the real selling point.

  6. Peaugh says:

    No love for the Adam?

  7. Rob Shift says:

    The Galaxy feels much more like a Kindle, very comfy.

    I’m a big fan of the Kindle’s size. Its the perfect weight, and if you got rid of the keyboard I think it would have a big enough screen. Someone just needs to get the tech down to that size.

  8. chris nicholson says:

    Chris- I have good news about my dad len. He’s being inducted into the pba hall of fame in jan. I’m his son chris- longtime fan pf yours. Wanted to see your sacramento punchline show but it was cancelled. I’m on twitter but can’t tweet worth a shit

  9. matt says:

    Brewcaster: Some people won’t buy tablets because they don’t like Apple. That’s all he said. He didn’t say that everyone who won’t buy an iPad doesn’t like Apple.

    Farewell, Brewcaster – you won’t be missed. Thank you for unsubscribing. You are too sensitive.

  10. Thanks for the heads-up on the image, must have put in the wrong URL!

    Agreed, I think the Galaxy Tab is the current forerunner, but the screen would be so much nicer if it was AMOLED. Honestly, I like the smaller size…the iPad is too awkward in one hand. The Galaxy feels much more like a Kindle, very comfy.

  11. Christian says:

    Hey now! I hate apple but I love the iPad! I think it’s the perfect form of what I like as a portable browser; well for what I use it for anyways.

    I’m gonna be a real nerd and complain about the wrong image used for Samsung Galaxy Tab! I think the current contender for this iPad really is this device since it’s pretty fluid and can do many things. Of course the size may have issues but really, can you hold the iPad comfortably with one hand like the Tab? And it has higher pixel density so fonts would be even better compare to the iPad.

    From my knowledge, HP slate won’t even be made for the regular consumer and will be made more for business people. They’ll be releasing something that’s consumer friendly later on, and might even have something to do with their acquisition of Palm. They already have a tablet that runs on Android and it docs on their new printer,

    Also there’s so many tablets coming out now. Sure there’s the ridiculously cheap tablets coming out of Kmart, Walmart, etc. but those are so bad in terms of performance, who’d really want them? (Well maybe modders who can deal with really slow processors. )

    I think I will hold off though on these products you’ve shown. I want to see the 2nd Gen iPad compare to Blackberry’s Playbook and when the AMOLED screen version of Galaxy Tab is released.

  12. Stacy says:

    And if we got the Galaxy Tab that Germany got, we would be able to make phone calls on it…. Had they kept that feature for the US, then it would have been the “iPad Defenestrater.”

  13. Brewcaster says:

    “Andy Neuenschwander November 11, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    True, but it’s a more attention-grabbing way to start an article than “iPads are cool but there are other tablets out there”. Got you guys to comment, didn’t I?”

    Wow. Unsubscribing now.

  14. Excellent point dstrauss, especially considering (2) and (7), and the cameras.

  15. True, but it’s a more attention-grabbing way to start an article than “iPads are cool but there are other tablets out there”. Got you guys to comment, didn’t I?

  16. dstrauss says:

    I think the price issue is often over-stated. How is $799 overpriced when the most comparable iPad is the 64gb WiFi only model at $699 which does not include: (1) active digitizer and pen, (2) docking station (with HDMI and USB), (3) USB port, (4) SDXC card slot, (5) front camera, (6) back camera, (7) full featured OS, (8) 1080p external video output, and (9) custom folio case. The iPad case, camera kit, and VGA kit will set you back the additional $100 without ANY of the other improvements. I think it is actually priced low given the history of tablet PC’s and even the iPad.

  17. I’m with Brewcaster on this one, some people just aren’t interested in the ipad, it has nothing to do with Apple

  18. Brewcaster says:

    Be careful with assumptions. Just because one does not have interest in the iPad does not make them someone who “just doesn’t like Apple”.

    Some people just want more/different things out of a mobile computer.