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SNL’s “Girl at a Bar” Shows How Some Men Have Trouble Taking Rejection

From the first time a caveman put the moves on a cavelady at the local watering hole (which was a literal watering hole), men have refined their barroom pick-up lines to suit the times in which they live. But as this Saturday Night Live sketch reminds us, when it comes to trying to hit on women, even a modern, progressive guy still has the potential to turn into a caveman when he doesn’t get the response he wants.

In a taped sketch from this week’s SNL, titled “Girl at a Bar,” Cecily Strong played a woman repeatedly approached by totally “not gross” guys desperate to make her feel comfortable, by telling her about their progressive, left-leaning, pro-feminism political stances and activity. They are understanding, respectful, and definitely voted for Hillary; these guys are not like most men, as they remind her out loud.


Until she turns down their ever-growing–often lewd–romantic overtures. That’s when their progressive nature takes a slightly more regressive tone. After every rejection, each “feminist” suitor instantly turns into an entitled, offensive a-hole who thinks they are owed something because they “followed all the rules!”

It’s the best kind of satire, because it’s clearly over the top, while still feeling way too real. But is this skit mocking men who try to pick up women by telling them what they think they want to hear in this day and age, or is this poking fun at “progressive” men who are still prone to an old-world patriarchal mentality when it comes to dealing with women?


Remember, just because you say you’re a feminist it doesn’t mean you get to be a dick to a woman at a bar. And the punchline shows it’s not necessarily behavior that’s unique to dudes.

What did you think of this sketch? Sit down at our comments section below and give us a draught of your thoughts.

Images: NBC

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