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SNL’s GAME OF THRONES Parody Needed That Obvious Twist to Hurry up

When you are trying to pull off the world’s most obvious surprise return, it can make people a little frustrated at how long it is taking you to get to the big (not-shocking-at-all) twist. Like when you have a dead Lord Commander/possible Prince that was promised savior lying on a slab in a small room for two hours, when you only have ten precious hours of television to begin with.

On this week’s Saturday Night Live, hosted by Brie Larson, the show took Game of Thrones to task for slightly delaying the giant, stunning return, the one that literally every single person in the world knew was coming: the resurrection of Jon Snow.

With Taran Killam as Ser Davos Seaworth and Kate McKinnon as (thankfully) the not-old version of Melisandre, they were urged on by other, less patient characters to hurry the hell up so they could start getting to the good stuff, like dragons and sword fighting. I don’t think they delayed it that much, but in fairness, did she really need to snip the hair so slowly and throw it into the fire at such a deliberate pace? Does R’hllor not work if you throw large clumps in all at once? Is the Lord of Light that picky?

If some people thought Jon Snow’s return was a long time coming, wait until the show brings back…..oh, right, spoilers.

Can’t wait to see what SNL does with that.

In the meantime though, yeah, more swords, more fighting, more magic, and more dragons. Let Jon Snow do all of those things, but let’s just get out of that room now.

Was Game of Thrones too slow in bringing back Jon Snow? Tell us in the comments below.

Image: NBC

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