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SNL Recap: Jim Carrey Brings the Funny In Halloween Episode

Annnnnd, we’re back!

Jim Carrey hosted the Halloween Episode of SNL last night and it was a real return to form for the show that, with the exception of Bill Hader’s appearance two weeks ago, has been struggling in its seminal 40th season. The show made use of Carrey’s talents — funny faces, physical comedy — while also making room for weird characters and a little self-deprecating humor. Let’s take a look at Jim Carrey’s episode last night featuring musical performances by Iggy Azalea.

Halloween Party

In an episode filled with highlights, it’s tough to say which sketch won the night. “Carrey Family Reunion” was a special treat for people in my age range who grew up worshipping at the comedy alter of Jim Carrey (see below), but if I had to pick one that took the cake, it would be “Halloween Party” featuring a dance off between Carrey and Emmy nominee Kate McKinnon, who has emerged as arguably the strongest member of the cast this season. It’s also important to note that McKinnon was able to match Carrey in energy and the aforementioned physical comedy department that Carrey is so well known for. You just need to watch because there are no words for the silliness that ensued.

Carrey Family Reunion

In the dead heat race for best sketch of the night “Carrey Family Reunion” was a close second in a sketch filled with cast members doing their best Jim Carrey impressions. Carrey has always been good about having a laugh at his persona on the show (remember a million years ago when Jim Carrey played Jimmy Stewart on “The Joe Pesci Show” and beat the crap out of Mark McKinney’s “Jim Carrey?” I do…) and last night was no different.

I like this sketch because as a kid who grew up when Jim Carrey took the movies by storm in the early to mid-90’s, it seemed like the current crop of SNL cast members had been doing their Jim Carrey impressions for their families at their dinner tables in preparation for this very moment.

Graveyard Song

A sketch on the goofier side of the spectrum, “Graveyard Song” made me giggle at the absurdity of “casual” ghosts Paul and Phil who “are just sort of always around” and getting in the way of the rest of the scary ghosts spooky song.

High School

Another sketch that is just as weird as it is silly, a riff on ever popular The Walking Dead and set in a high school, father Henry Miller (Carrey) has to face the facts that his son Boone (Pete Davidson) is, in fact, a zombie.

Weekend Update — Drunk Uncle

A Weekend Update character who is always a treat, Drunk Uncle met new co-anchor Michael Che for the first time and expressed his feelings about Halloween.

Ghost Chasers

“Ghost Chasers” needs to be seen to welcome the phenomenal Leslie Jones to SNL as an official cast member. Jones caused a stir last season with her 12 Years A Slave bit on Update but I’ve always found her to be outspoken, fearless and, most importantly of all, hilarious.

Image: NBC

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