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SNL Recap: Amy Adams and One Direction

Amy Adams returned to 30 Rock to host the Saturday Night Live Christmas show with musical guest One Direction last night. Often hosted by heavy SNL hitters like Justin Timberlake and the like, the Christmas show is a big one and this year was no disappoint. There were cameos and laughs aplenty, so let’s recap the most memorable moments!

Sam Smith/ Dr. Evil Cold Open

The show opened with Taran Killam’s spot-on Sam Smith impression starring in “Sam Smith’s Christmas Special” but the crooner was quickly “interrupted” by the one and only Dr. Evil and his beloved Mr. Bigglesworth. In light of all of the controversy that erupted this week around the Seth Rogen and recent SNL host James Franco comedy The Interview, Dr. Evil felt the need to address two evil groups: North Korea and Sony. After working mostly behind the scenes for the last few years, the SNL icon returned to the stage in excellent form.

Amy Adams Christmas Monologue

By all accounts, 2014 was a notably tough year in the US and around the world. Tragedy and social unrest was at the forefront of the news this year so host Amy Adams, SNL alum Kristen Wiig, and the company decided that maybe “We Need A Little Christmas,” as they sang, danced, did the splits and threw snow confetti at the camera.

Asian American Doll

This sketch made me laugh for a lot of reasons but mostly because it was a spot-on critique of the process of being sure not to offend anybody. Behold the commercial for “Asian American Doll” who has no name, nothing in her house, no hobbies and “no academic strengths or weaknesses” but does come with two seemingly harmless accessories!

Christmas Serial

I loved the Funny or Die sketch that starred SNL vet Michaela Watkins earlier this week but I have to say, Cecily Strong nailed Serial host Sarah Koenig. A must see for Serial listeners, watch Koenig investigate the story of Kris Kringle, an elf who delivers presents to houses across the world in one night. The cast got the cadence of all of the players perfectly and even “The Nisha Call” made an appearance.

Office Christmas Party

Oh, we’ve all been there. After a hard year of working your butt off at your job, sometimes you need to take the office Christmas party as an opportunity to loosen up a little bit. Enter Jay Pharoah and Pete Davidson to turn the party up! Throw in a Christmas tree, some liquor, and a karaoke machine and everyone starts to relax, even Becky from payroll.

Cat Rescue Commercial

Whiskers R’ We cat rescue (One of my favorite sketches when it first aired starring Charlize Theron) are back with their latest holiday commercial promoting their kitty cat giveaway. Kate McKinnon is the woman who runs the operation and this time Amy Adams stands beside her as her new touchy feely girlfriend.

Saturday Night Live will return in 2015 with new episodes and a 40th anniversary special in February!

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