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Snake That Looks Like It’s Covered in Emoji Will Make You Feel :)

We know that the thought of snakes make some of you look like this:anguished-emoji

And some of you are so afraid of those slithering creatures you end up like this:crying-emoji

But we swear that after you see this particular serpent all of you will look a lot more like this:


Because this particular python’s scales looks like it’s covered in emoji.


YouTube user Justin Kobylka shared this brief video of a Lavender Albino Piebald Ball Python (a.k.a. a Dreamsicle), who has three faces in its scales that just so happen to resemble emoji faces, right down to the color. He says that while “Piebalds sometimes have faces in the pattern like this,” to see “perfect faces in a Dreamsicle is astronomically rare.”

The two markings spotlighted in the above photo pretty remarkably resemble simple smiling emoji… but, like, if they spent all night at their local emoji bar drinking heavily. The third, smaller face, near the head of the snake, looks more like the neutral face emoji… which makes sense, since you too would probably try to remain completely calm if you lived that close to a snake’s head.


Aside from their interesting look, ball pythons make for nice pets due their “non-aggressive personalities.” Even if they normally frighten you, these guys literally wear their emotions on their sleeve. Err, body. Snakes don’t have sleeves, because they don’t have arms. But that’s too bad, since they could probably slither into a shirt easily.


That’s fair.

In fact, that joke was so bad we know what we have to do now.


What emoji would be the most appropriate to adorn a snake? Slither into our comments below and tell us what you think.

Snake Images: Justin Kobylka
Emoji Images: Apple

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